Daily Caller KUDOS for Benghazi Story.... Chris Christi - Time To Talk Benghazi & Show Your a Heavy Weight When It Comes to National Security Stuff Too..... Please Tell America That The Difference Between YOU and Hillary is That YOUR Not Sponsored By Tony Blair. Seriously - I Like President Clinton- He Got America OUT of Debt... It Just Seems Clinton's Friend Tony Blair is a Snake Oil Salesman - Selling Global Peace When He Really Has NOT Product. The Clinton's Are Better Than That... If One of Their People Reads This PLEASE Stop Being So Close to Tony Blair... Do YOU Really Want to Be Associated with Him?

"At least when Republicans do a cover up it's for 

National Security reasons...."  Sharyn Bovat who worked for CIA operatives responsible for the cover up of the 

crash of Pan Am Flight 103.

"I do not think President Obama is a player in the Benghazi cover up- I've been told he 'outsourced' foreign policy" Sharyn Bovat who worked for CIA operatives responsible for the cover up of the crash of Pan Am Flight 103.
"...The CIA polygraphing the survivors of the Benghazi attacks is morally wrong on so many levels & its the 'out of control' CIA leadership that has made appreciate the leaks of Edward Snowden.  Sadly I lost respect for leaders of America's Intelligence Community- a community that my family was part of for 3 generations."  
Sharyn Bovat who worked for CIA operatives responsible for the cover up of the crash of Pan Am Flight 103.

Tony Blair: Libya, Lockerbie, Arms and Betrayals. | Global Research


Lockerbie bomber release linked to arms deal, according to secret ...

Telegraph.co.uk-Jul 28, 2013
An email sent by the then British ambassador in Tripoli details how a prisoner transfer agreement would be signed once Libya “fulfils its ...

If the GOP gives America another unappetizing choice... Then Tony Blair's political sidekick will be back in the White House....

Just a few days AFTER Tony Blair went to Malawi Bill and Chelsea went....it's WEIRD!!!

Take note HOW former President Clinton seems to "follow" Blair... Literally Malawi discovers oil... Tony Blair starts making visits then Clinton follows.... Blair is trying to "make a buck" and the Clinton's are doing it for a humanitarian reason... Still it looks like a "bit" of a photo op. Basically Clinton is reassuring the Malawiian people that Tony Blair is "the man" the problem is Tony Blair is NOT a leader of any country... He's a profiteer.  

This Voice of a Moderate represent the voters needed to WIN in 2016 

Moderate Voters Want FRESH!!!!
Warning... if you put a Rick Santorum type as your nominee reasonable "thinkers" will be standing in line for Hillary number stickers. I'll be one of them.  America needs a leader that's NOT a hypocrite and those of us that were around when "Rick was a Senator" KNOW what I'm talking about.  Santorum is a GRADE A hypocrite.  Except on Abortion and women's issues and on those he's out of sync with 80% of American women.