DOD Whistleblower Likes Article About Petraeus Scandal by Michael Isikoff of NBC News: It Makes a REALLY Good Point About Fred Humphries & Of COURSE the Investigation Was "Stalled"....I Have Proof People Knew About Scandal Before iT Came Out... It Would Have Make Things Murkey. Petreaus a Republican So NOBODY Had a Clear Win in Having Issue Exposed. Also Conversation Needed to Be About JOBS and We Had the Hurricanes/Storms... Remember Sandy?

During the height of the furor over the case, Humphries was reported to have sent a "shirtless" photo to Kelley. But Mandigo noted that he and many others had gotten a copy of the same "joke" photo years earlier. It showed Humphries next to two mannequins at a shooting range. Humphries was known for sending such photos, he said, adding, "That's just Fred." By Michael Isikoff, National Investigative Correspondent, NBC News

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Bottom-line is the Petraeus Scandal has a LOT of twist and turns....  The DOD & CIA have some "issues" to resolve.
The White House has made the CIA "just as" political as it was in the NIXON administration.   It's time for the American people to be RESPECTED and that means it's time to "limit" the power of the CIA.  Is the Drone program in the hands of the DOD?   I read "that" is not happening.   Americans TRUST the military it's time to "let them" do their jobs without White House "interference"....   

Below was written in DECEMBER 2012..... 

Michael Vickers Thirst for the CIA Job Along With James Clapper's Help Might Have Been the Reason WHY Petraeus Fell So Hard in the Paula Broadwell Scandal.... 

The people protecting President Obama's outrageous spending are connected to the CIA & it's most likely do to them that the Paula Broadwell story became so BIG...  Clapper-Vickers and Preston wanted POWER

Somedays I question WHY I'm a republican upon reflection it's the Fiscal and National Security issues that make me lean "R" 

That and living in Tennessee I suffer Stockholm syndrome:):)