Ed Gillespie & Karl Rove Fox News Reports a Presidential Pardoned Turkey Conspiracy Linked to JFK & LBJ - The Clinton Network is "Suspect" Haley Barbour Should Lead Investigation.

Jimmy Carter had his wife pardon the turkey..... HELLO "tradition" at least he probably built a "nice" habitat for the bird:):)

Here's the Fox News Story

President Obama on Wednesday continued a decades-long tradition of pardoning two Thanksgiving turkeys -- but if history repeats itself, the government gobblers might want to watch their step. 
Pardoned turkeys, while treated to the luxe life as part of the annual tradition, historically have this unusual habit of dying soon after their time in the spotlight. 

Some suspect CIA linked to LBJ for the conspiracy:):)

President Ford's Turkey lived the LONGEST!!

Some say NIXON was the biggest Turkey Ford pardoned....
FYI- President Nixon made some big mistakes but he did some really good things....  

I just like this picture 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!