Thad Cochran & Chris McDaniel Race Does NOT Disappoint... James Comey FBI Not Needed for the NEW Drama Here's a Quote from Local Blog " ..she was sitting in the Captain D's parking lot watching some people tear down Chris McDaniel signs at the corner by Montomery Street and Highway 12 and start waving Thad Cochran signs in their place. ..." Again a Mississippian Says Barbour Camp/Klan/Family Most Likely Linked to Rose Cochran Incident Read More (Link Provided) Thank You Jackson Jambalaya

The final weeks of the contest were dominated by a bizarre back and forth over a surreptitious photograph taken of Cochran’s wife, Rose, who lives in a nursing home where she has suffered from dementia for 14 years. The incident led to the arrest of four McDaniel supporters and tea party activists. It was the fallout of a long-standing campaign by McDaniel’s supporters to inject questions about Cochran’s fidelity to his wife into the bloodstream of the race. (Cochran rents an apartment in a house in Washington owned by his longtime executive assistant, Kay Webber, and travels regularly with her.)

The photo episode led to an attack on McDaniel’s character and counterclaims from McDaniel, who denies any involvement in the incident (and hasn’t been linked to it). He and his aides say it is the Cochran campaign that is abusing the invalid Rose Cochran.