Adrienne Royer I Should Have Read Your Blog BEFORE I Got On the Plane. Sharyn Bovat Fears She'll Be Teased for Dressing Like a Moderate. PLEASE Conservative Elite Accept Me As I Am...I Believe in Free Markets - School Choice - A Strong National Security & I LOVE My Mini Skirts, Leggings & Uggs.

"I think if the party welcomed gays their would be MORE fashion advisors... OMG!!!  I read the well written advice AFTER I arrived...Oops"  Sharyn Bovat GOP Moderate

"Her graphic explicitly outlines the do’s and don’ts of CPAC sartorialism.  It asks questions like, “Would I wear it to Walmart?” and, “Would I wear it to a bar?,” the latter of which recommends against wearing club-going gear to the conference’s many panels. “There are many after-hours events where you can show off your halter, strapless shirt or dress, or mini-skirt,” Royer wrote...." Misty White Sidell for Daily Beast (Newsweek).


Sharyn Bovat is happy she remembered the Xanax - OMG!!!   Already she's a fashion don't.

On the flight this GOP moderate sat next to an SMU CPAC attendee - that girl is smart and she RESPECTS ALL PEOPLE.  She even said that she thought it was sad GoProud was excluded - I told her the good news that they'll be on a panel & that Margaret Hoover is participating too. 

  1. Pro-gay rights panel invades CPAC [Updated]

    Washington Post (blog)-Mar 7, 2013
    Liz Mair, Jonah Goldberg, Margaret Hoover and Jimmy LaSalvia of GOProud are all confirmed. In addition, I am pleased to announce I will be ...

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“Once you put an Ugg on, it’s hard to go back to bespoke shoes,” the Vogue Contributing Editor explains. “They are the best practical shoe—not only because they can handle the slush on sidewalks and curbs while keeping your feet warm, but they’re also easy to accessorize. I have them in ebony, which I call my black tie, and bark brown, and they were specially monogrammed for me in Russian red. I of course got carried away and ordered them in triplicates. They’re lined up in my hallway by color, and I rotate them on a daily basis.”