Thank You ACU for Hosting an Event That Respected ALL Bloggers Unlike the Blog Bash (Middle School) Event. Message to Ali Akbar, Bill Murphy, Robert Stacy McCain, Melissa Clouthier, Adrienne Royer & other Blog Bash organizers. When I saw bloggers connected to one of my death threats wearing a "vendor" badge instead of media I knew that The ACU & CPAC ethics rised above cronyism:):) Also: I did not see some of the Freedomworks connected bloggers...Why?

I'm sorry to burst your bubble- This CPAC Fashion Don't Told She Represented the FUTURE of GOP :):) 

In fact the people in the "media room" at CPAC were professionals from major networks and bloggers like me that "write from our hearts" about the GOP.   The ACU hosted an event to the press that welcomed journalist from all over the world and gave them the FREEDOM to write about CPAC as they saw it. 

It was relayed to me that the ACU & CPAC is like the Constitution & is a living organization. That is HOW it wIll remain relevant. FYI - Ronald Reagan UNDERSTOOD this.  

GOP Elite I accept my pro choice views will NOT be welcome BUT my views on Fiscal Conservatism- School Choice - Free Markets & Internationalism are WELCOME at CPAC. Thank You ACU. 

FYI- I did apply to Blog Bash... My goal was to try to "build bridges" with those connected to Sal Russo and the Sarah Palin Elite.  They did NOT want me.  Bill Murphy never returned my email & then I learned that the Sarah Palin elite don't want anything to do with Ali Akbar & his followers.  The fact is Palin a player in a shrinking circle, she and her operative know that the National Bloggers Club is NOT.  

In the media section at CPAC a lady was recruiting people to attend the event, she was trying to draft recruits to "fill the party" so Ted Cruz would not be embarrassed.  Later a CPAC newbie working for a very reputable right wing organization told me to go with them to the "bash" politely I said "No- I'm too tired... "-   Later it was communicated to me that some sponsors felt deceived.  They want to know how their money was spend.  I'm sure next year that an effort will be made to host an event that welcomes ALL credentialed CPAC media.  In fact YOU can bet on it.

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