Bob "Sonogram" McDonnell is Missing Support from Both Wings of GOP.... Too Bad I Hear He's a GREAT Governor. Jeb Bush Speaks Tonight.... Tennessee Center of Self Governance Gives Class to CPAC & Rusty Welch Shines in Quest to Create a Better Tennessee

Nobody Likes Bob?

Even before the proceedings began it was widely noted that organisers had declined to invite two of the nation's most popular senior elected Republicans - governors Bob McDonnell of Virginia and Chris Christie of New Jersey, the only leading Republican who has any appeal to centrist voters. It is thought McDonnell may have scotched his invitation by including a modest tax increase in a recent transport bill, Christie by publicly supporting the President's response to hurricane Sandy.

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Tea Party Most Likely WHY Jeb Bush Bailed on Straw Poll...

"..Jeb Bush got headlines last week when he opened the door to a presidential run, after years of insisting he was not interested.
So it's of some note that when CPAC attendees at the annual gathering outside Washington this week go to vote in the group's straw poll for 2016, they will not find his name on the ballot. Why not? Because he asked not to be on it, according to the Conservative Political Action Conference. (Bush's spokeswoman confirmed this to CNN.).."  NPR

CPAC Breakout Session Gives this blogger HOPE That Good Government Will Happen: 

Already the Tennessee Center for Self Governance is making a difference in Tennessee:

Rusty Welch the articulate Obamacare protestor & Putnam County RNC chair attended CPAC and looked committed to making a difference.