CPAC 2013 - A GOP Moderates Guide.

Rules of Engagement & Proper Behavior for a Moderate While Attending CPAC: How to Mingle w/ the Right Wing of the GOP

By Sharyn Bovat The Voice of a Moderate

Be Polite REMEMBER your visiting their home.  NEVER be rude. Even when being told your wrong by social conservatives on EVERY issue.  They will tell you your wrong without hearing your rational.  It's OK. They have met other RINO types and have no time to listen to HOW you came to that opinion (any opinion).  Luckily - the ACU has done an exceptional job at creating forums that will accept the moderate for being a fiscal conservative.  

Today issues about the military and defense spending gave this GOP moderate hope that a bridge can be built.  Still when I told a blogger I founded the Republicans for Hagel blog.... the look on his face was as the MasterCard commercial said "priceless".

Be prepared to hear that you'll "burn in hell" & when Tea Party conservatives say the moderates are the reason WHY the GOP lost in 2012.  It's OK keep being nice.  Explain that you like Free Markets - Energy Independence - Pro School Choice - Strong National Security  Never argue with a "winger" just accept them and search for common ground.  

Don't tell other attendee that you did research work during the Reagan administration on the Immigration issue. 

Don't tell ANYONE that Ronald Reagan hired gays in the 80's & even had a speech writer that was gay. They do NOT want to know this.  Remember don't argue just be polite and happy to apart of the conversation. 

Don't tell fellow attending you miss Scott Brown and are in search of the new GOP eye candy.

Don't tell people you "used" to work for operatives connected to Karl Rove. 

More Soon... 

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