Mark Sanford's Luggage Out Weighs Bostic's Ultra Right Wings Views. Once the Electorate Gets to Know Curt and His Views It's an UpHill Race for GOP. Best Advice for Bostic - STOP SPEAKING!!!!

  1. "A race between either Republican and Colbert-Busch would likely be very close, and a Democratic victory in a district where Mitt Romney won 58 percent of the vote could have a devastating impact on Republican morale nationally. Yet so far, the national party appears asleep to the dangers of the South Carolina special election...."    National Review

    Poll: Sanford Would Trail Colbert Busch in SC General Election

    National Review Online-5 hours ago
    The survey, by Public Policy Polling, shows Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch, the sister of Comedy Central star Stephen Colbert, leading ...

    The fact is the GOP needs to STAY OUT of this race.  The women in 
    America do NOT need to know "how bad" the GOP pick is.  Sanford is a LOSER.  According to the Examiner Bostic said some "bizarre" thinks on a conference call & did not sound like a person "in tune" with society.  91% of Americans want better background checks. This moderate voice has talked to MANY moderate women that voted for Bush & McCain and they want better BACKGROUND checks.   Bostic's statements say it's time to "cut bait" the GOP has a solid majority in the house. Both candidate has too much luggage.  
    I think Reince Priebus needs to hire a porter.

    ".....When asked for his position on gun control, for example, Bostic said “When the Revolutionary War was over, the Founding Fathers said ‘Take your assault rifle home with you.’”
    Actual assault weapons.......were not developed until the 20th Century, however.  Bostic’s incorrect statement on history was compounded by a clear clash with public opinion, too. A 61-percent majority of Americans agrees that even semi-automatics should be banned, and even though he said he doesn’t support universal background checks, 91 percent of the country does...............Another standout statement from Bostic’s teleconference came when he was asked about support for the military. He broke away from his “stop spending” campaign slogan in this instance, calling for an increased defense budget. ...."  Examiner

    Slate Magazine (blog)-6 hours ago
  2. Poll: Dead heat in SC1 matchup of Colbert Busch-Sanford

    WIS-Mar 26, 2013
    Elizabeth Colbert Busch and Mark Sanford could face off in May's First Congressional District special election.

  3. South Carolina: 2016 Courtship Boosts Colbert Busch in Special ...

    Roll Call-Mar 25, 2013
    On March 23, O'Malley name-dropped Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch's campaign for the 1st District special election in his keynote speech ...
  4. The Agenda: Rallying for gay marriage, Colbert Busch ahead?, Cuts ...

    Charleston City Paper (blog)-by Sam Spence-Mar 26, 2013
    Check back later today, Public Policy Polling says they have an early survey which shows Colbert Busch with an edge over Sanford in a ...

  5. Sanford, Colbert Busch Polling Neck-And-Neck

    Talk Radio News Service-Mar 26, 2013
    According to a survey released Tuesday, Colbert Busch captures 47 percent of the vote while Sanford comes in with 45 percent.