Paul Begalia at CPAC Made a LOT of People Miss the Clinton Era - Still Tucker Carlson Right on ObamaCare - Realistically Any Type of Repeal Won't Happen & the Government Needs to Offer Americans More CHOICE. It's Time to CROSS STATE LINES...Freedom of Healthcare Choice- The GOP Can Make Healthcare BETTER. Begalia Wrong When Saying the Government Does Things Better. Innovation Happens in Free Markets. Cost are Driven Down When MORE People Can Participate in the Market.... Thank You AEI for Reinforcing the Principles of a Free Market Society.

"' People have been nice to me I hope that Tucker (Carlson of the Daily Caller) is treated as nicely at a liberal meeting like the American Society of Newspaper editors..."  Paul Begalia of the Clinton Administration at CPAC event called Fight Club. 

The mainstream media KNEW about Dept. of Energy fraud and remained silent.