PORTMAN FOR PRESIDENT 2016 - Brian Brown is that the Primary YOU Were Talking About? GoProud & CEI Led the Way for GOP Acceptance of Gay Marriage. Text Message Shows History Made. Thank You CEI, Fred Smith Jr., Jennifer Rubin, Jonah Goldberg, Liz Mair, Jimmy LaSalvia, Margaret Hoover & the ACU for Letting "it" Happen at CPAC

Margaret Hoover speaking at "Rainbow on the Right" a CEI event at CPAC

Rob Portman's helping GOP revisit marriage  

National Organization for Marriage http://www.nationformarriage.org/site/c.omL2KeN0LzH/b.7980587/k.BF50/Home.htm

making the case against same-sex nuptials (the group’s leader, Brian Brown, told Slate Friday night that Portman should expect a primary). And the gay group GOProud was not invited to take part in the festivities this year, for the second year in a row.

This anti gay group is fighting Starbucks. As the ONLY person at CPAC using a Starbucks recycle cup I felt a bit "different" still the people at the ACU were kind. The fact that they were respectul to the CEI when they announced a "Pro Gay Marriage" forum with the word "Rainbow" in the title (a word that disturbed one of the speakers Jonah Goldberg from National Review. 

GoProud did get to participate in a panel and people KNOW history is in the "making"

"So this is CPAC: A place where Cynthia Yockey, author of a blog called “A Conservative Lesbian,” and Rick Santorum, one of America’s most prominent social conservatives, inadvertently end up face-to-face. '......"  National Review (link below)

"...There were no calls from the stage from prospective candidates for a federal marriage amendment, a hallmark of some CPACs past."  Politico

 A copy of a text between me and another who felt that by attending the CEI panel we were part of history.  

".....yesterday had a moment that, as far as Yockey is concerned, might mean a sea change for conservatives. She says that the “A Rainbow On The Right” panel, hosted by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, represented a point of no return. For the first time ever, CPAC had a panel composed solely of speakers who support same-sex unions in some way, shape, or form (including National Review’s Jonah Goldberg). Yockey says it was a deliberate shot at the event’s organizers: When GOProud had been denied as a conference sponsor, Fred Smith of CEI realized that his group’s sponsorship status entitled it to host whatever kind of panel it chose, and decided to cobble together a group of conservatives who supported gay marriage...."


Rob Portman fallout: How far is GOP from embracing gay rights?

Christian Science Monitor-2 hours ago
Despite Republican Sen. Rob Portman endorsing gay rights Friday, the party is a long way from following him. But a shift in society could make ...