Fellow Tennesseans Rod Williams, Rusty Welch & the Tennessee Center of Self Governance THANK YOU for Fighting for Average America.

As much as I (Sharyn Bovat) complain about Tennessee I want it known that when I rant about the corruption and cronyism that I'm NOT talking about ALL the people.  The issues I rant about are real and the corruption in this state is real. Still the state has a LOT of good people working to make change. Happily at CPAC I saw some of them.  To the people that are fighting for "Average America" thank you.

Rod Williams and Gene Wisdom at CPAC

Great Time at CPAC!  (click here to read Rod Williams well written post) "..I just returned from the three-day annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington D. C. and had a wonderful time! For a conservative political junkie activist like myself, the experience of CPAC must be similar to what a hard core country music fan feels when they attend fan fair. CPAC is three days of political rally, workshops, education, training, and networking. It is educational, motivating and exhilarating..." 

CPAC Breakout Session Gives this blogger HOPE That Good Government Will Happen: 

Already the Tennessee Center for Self Governance is making a difference in Tennessee: 


Rusty Welch the articulate Obamacare protestor & Putnam County RNC chair attended CPAC and looked committed to making a difference.