SEND A THANK YOU TO AN IRAQ VETERAN - Thank You Kate Pomeroy for Your Work with Concerned Veterans for America

Today is the 10 year anniversary of the start of Operation Iraqi FreedomConcerned Veterans for America is recognizing these brave men and women by giving you the opportunity to honor — and personally thank — those who wore the uniform.
Over a million Americans stepped up to fight in Iraq, serving our country with honor and courage. Over 4,000 more lost their lives in the service of freedom.

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Above is a video that I (Sharyn Bovat) made when I was unhappy with Mitt Romney for the 47% comment & his "lack" of talking about crony capitalism.  I later found out his sons profited from the "same" type of loan programs that NISSAN took advantage of.  I did NOT blog about that due to my concern it would hurt the campaign.  In the end what hurt the campaign was the candidate.  OMG!!!  Does anyone else miss compassionate conservatism?