Tom McClintock Tell Sal Russo Hello - Congressman What Do YOU Think of The Matt Kibbe Freedomworks Lesbian Panda "Lets Disrespect ALL Women" Video?

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    Longtime conservative activist Sal Russo, who helped found the consulting firm that became Russo, Marsh and Associates in Sacramento, ...

I'm tired of the GOP's HYPOCRITICAL Puritans

Sorry Sal Russo..The Iran Contra Era Needs to End. That Means Bye Bye Tea Party - YouTube
Sep 19, 2012 - Uploaded by sharynbovat
Years ago Sharyn Bovat learned about nation building and when a society is corrupt to the bone you must ...

I'm sure the below photo will NOT give the congressman flashbacks...
                                        FYI- I posed for this MYSELF never would I ask an "intern" to do this
FYI- I posed for this MYSELF never would I ask an "intern" to do this

Why do people give money to Freedomworks and Tea Party Express .... they waste it.

I'm acknowledging that some Tea Party groups have sincere values and I'm NOT generalizing.
The groups that were taken over by profiteers are the ones I'm talking about.

Sadly I learned that the people attacking Orrin Hatch are responsible for the "concept" of a Panda having sex with Hillary Clinton and are doing the "anti-Rove" stuff.  

I want Freedomworks & Sal Russo to STOP hiring people that are destroying the image of the GOP.

Did I make my point?

Sharyn Bovat
Voice of a Moderate