I Think Mark Sanford is Desperate Enough to Break the NISSAN Story..., Yokohama "Thought" About Going to South Carolina - NISSAN Already Ripped off Mississippi and It Looks Like History Might Repeat Itself... Too Bad - I Was Told Yokohama Makes Decent Tires...

I was told that people connected to NISSAN are helping Mississippi lure Yokohama Tires to Mississippi INSTEAD of South Carolina....NISSAN is gonna get "indirectly" access to MORE bond money.  look at "who" owned the land .....  Good Ole Boys corruption is alive and well in the South...

 Oddly someone connected to NISSAN said this:

I then sent them the issues of Mississippi having secret meetings to approve over a hundred million in bonds for property near Nissan.....  I've been told that land in Mississippi had been bought and sold and some "sleazy" deals done.... did anyone at Gannett investigate?    Look at the response...  OUCH!!!

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@aol.com>
Subject: Sharyn Bovat the Voice of a Moderate is Looking for Statement From Mark Sanford About NISSAN Abusing the Hardworking Taxpayers & About Foreign Companies That Do Business with Iran Getting Federal Taxpayer Money.
Date: April 27, 2013 10:50:29 PM CDT
To: joeldavidsawyer@gmail.com
Cc: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@aol.com>


My name is Sharyn Bovat a Voice of a Moderate.  I've endorsed Jenny Sanford out of frustration BUT I'm willing to change my endorsement "if" Mr. Sanford  Brings Up at a National News Conference that NISSAN a foreign company that's "bond addicted" is abusing the hardworking taxpayers.  

Thank you & have a great day!

Sharyn Bovat