If Tesla Can Pay Back America Why Can't NISSAN? Why Does the Dept. of Energy NOT Release Terms of the NISSAN DOE Loan that is Financed from the Bank Connected to the Treasury?

NISSAN they made a LOT of money..I was told they are doing "fuzzy" math. 

The only way to know for sure is to "call" them on it.  The shareholders need to know the truth a "if" NISSAN really is solvent they should IMMEDIATELY pay America back the 1.4 Billion dollars.  

Tesla "prepaid" their electric car debt... NISSAN should to. Why should the taxpayers continue to have liablity on what seems to be the CEO's "bad bet"..... Carlos Ghosn has already admitted that the Leaf is NOT living up to expectations. Gannett reports 300 jobs were created BUT those employees are also building gasoline engine cars.... The real # is about 100 jobs.  OUCH!!! 

WHY has the Dept. of Energy NOT release the terms of the NISSAN deal?