Jenny Sanford Blog Taken Down - If NONE of the GOP Pacs Give to Gabriel Gomez MAYBE Al Gore Will? Mr. Gore- It's a Win-Win Gabriel Gomez Could Be the BRIDGE Needed to Get the GOP Green? Al Gore - ONE More Question... How About Letting Me Plan YOUR Wedding? Sir- Come On....YOU'RE a Decent Guy You and Elizabeth Keadle Should Get Married. We Could Get Tipper to Be the Photographer.... How Progressive is That? Sir- I Had an Emotionally Tough Week... Luckily Yesterday My PTSD is in Remission. Sadly My Shrink Says I'm STILL Sane.... So NO Government Funded Healthcare for Me. Damn!!! He Thinks That By Working and Integrating with Society My PTSD Will NOT Be an ISSUE. The People Connected to NISSAN & Green Fraud Bullied Me and I've Been Isolated for Almost 4 Years.... Mr. Gore - I Stood Up for the Planet When I Heard That They Wanted the Electric Car to Fail and I Stoop Up for the Taxpayers Too. What Keeps Me Going NOW are My Blogs Viewers That Communicate to Me The NEED for Someone to Speak Out on Behalf of the Middle Class. A Group of People that the Majority Believe in Global Warming..... Back to the Corruption IssueSome Have Told Me That THey've NEVER Seen the Good Ole Boys So Scared. One Viewers Told Me That Those in the Tennessee Pilot Flying J "Haslam" Clique That Wasted Dept. of Energy Money & Have Profiteered By Doing Business in IRAN . They are The People in Tennessee That Made YOU Lose The Elections in 2000...Sir- If I Bring Down Haslam I Bring Down The People That Got YOU Depressed in 2001 -Mr. Gore. Come On Sir.... Lets Form an Alliance and Fuck Em:):) That Said - They are NOT Directly Connected to the Bush Family So Respectfully I Think YOU Need to Tell Your Liberal Allies to STOP Blaming George W. Bush for EVERYTHING.... Tell the Liberals to Be Civil & Lets Just Be NICE - At Least UNTIL 2014. Right NOW We Need to Get the Economy Going... Thank You!!!

Sharyn Bovat has Decided to Start "Ranting" on Behalf of the Middle Class.
Issues in this YouTube Video include:  Good Ole Boys,  GOP & Military's Lack of Respect for Women, Hispanics, How ObamaCare does NOTHING for the Middle Class, Benghazi Too.

Gabriel Gomez Gives GOP Moderates That Believe in Global Warming Hope.....