Lets Get Condoleezza Rice to Take Care of the Haslam Headache .... The GOP Does NOT Need to Support a Good Ole Boy Governors Family Business... The FRAUD in Tennessee is REAL.. Break the STORY Then the Storm is OVER Before 2014.

Condoleezza Rice is a GOP Moderate But NOT Connected to Haslam Family Cronyism.

The fact is companies in Tennessee are not too fond of "black people".....

I will testify under oath that I was told racist comments by Haslam supporters.

Racism is a Tennessee thing & I'm not singling out  Pilot Flying J exclusively for discrimination it's "just" the culture in the South....

The Good Ole Boys have a clique and if you want to know more call me:

 Sharyn Bovat

Anyway- They don't like to promote women and I was told that they don't like Jewish accountants... They are "too accurate"....

OMG!!! women in NISSAN went from 20.9% women in management in 2006 down to 10% the year I whistle blew.  I have "internal NISSAN data" and the Tennessean owned by Gannett refuses to report it... Heck even Jalopnik reported it....

"Bovat contends while 21% of Nissan's managers were women in California, the share had fallen to 10% in 2009 following the move to Tennessee...."

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    Discrimination at NISSAN. Tennessee is the MOST Corrupt State in America and it's run by a BUNCH of Good Ole Boys! Content copyright . sharynbovat.