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AEI & Norm Ornstein - Lamar Alexander is Corrupt and He Fuels Companies That Do Business with IRAN. Norm Ornstein's Support of Lamar Alexander Makes Me Question AEI as a Credible Free Market Think Tank.... Years Ago President Ford Had Tacos With Me and Gave Me "Life" Advice. He Told Me to ALWAYS Know Whose Controlling the Ball... It Looks Like AEI Can't FIND The Ball. Be Careful... or YOU"LL Be OUT of the Superbowl.

Does Dalton Roberts Know that people linked to the murder of Sonny Bono, drug trafficking and Arms deals that "went rogue" and STILL do business with IRAN and fuel America's enemies are those linked to Lamar Alexander.  Did AEI know this?

I would think AEI would NOT want to be a supporter of Khomeini.  Lamar Alexander is the pitchman for NISSAN and got other Senators to back giving a foreign company that does business with IRAN a 1.4 Billion DOE loan using the Federal Financing bank.  I've been told by people at the DOD that what NISSAN is doing is harming our troops.

"...When you realize that Alexander’s voting record got him an ‘A’ ranking from The National Rifle Association, a 100 percent rating from the National Right to Life and The National Federation of Independent Business, and that he has voted with the majority of Republican senators 83 percent of the time, it makes you realize what a kook the tea party is hunting to run against him....Norm Ornstein, a conservative scholar with the American Enterprise Institute, said Alexander “has always been viewed as one of those guys who is a problem solver looking for ways to work with others.”

Lamar Alexander Connected to Iran Contra Profiteers. He's a BIG ...

Dec 2, 2012 - Lamar Alexander Connected to Iran Contra Profiteers. He's a BIG ... IF NOT Let Me Know & Please Tell NISSAN to Mediate..... The Dots are .

i do NOT like  Michael Patrick Leahy and Think he's "aligned" with the Tea Party Express and Sal Russo.  I Used to work for Sal Russo Operatives during Iran Contra and Michael Patrick Leahy KNOWS I've been abused in Tennessee and he and his minions have stayed silent.  Lamar Alexander has profiteered from people that fuel Iran's economy and is ALSO linked to Haslam donors and PACS that fuel the Russian Mafia.  Heck Sal Russo used to be linked to the American Mafia.   

Here's a picture of me with Sal Polisi - He knew the D'amato crew before he switched sides and wore a wire and ratted out Gotti....  Sal Polisi is BETTER than Sal Russo... Sal knows he was a crook & Sall Russo likes to think he was a PATRIOT....   The fact is the drug trafficking linked to the CIA filters through Sal Russo and those he's aligned with.  Michale Patrick Leahy if YOUR not linked to CIA drug trafficking profiteers call me and I will clarify.  Sharyn 615-944-7599, 

Haslam Family Business FBI & IRS Raid Commentary