Liz Cheney is Looking Like Toast.... YES!!! It Was a "Test" for a Possible Jeb Bush Candiacy. Chris Christie is my NEW Guy... Marco Rubio Has Become a Whiner.....

Rush Limbaugh's words Turned Enzi into the GOP Clair McCaskill  who by the way... Clair Mccaskill's staff was VERY kind to "this" Voice of a GOP Moderate...when she asked for help with an issue.   To her THANK YOU!!!!

“Liz, you come from Republican Party royalty, if I can use that phrase. Your family, your dad, your mom, yourself — Republican family royalty,” Limbaugh said. “I want to tell the audience here that I’ve known you for many many years, and throughout the entire time I’ve known you, you haven’t changed, your conservatism has been consistent and solid, and in fact, it may have even gotten stronger, your commitment to it may have even increased.”  Politial

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