Release of Illinois Governor George Ryan from Jail Leaves Cell Space for Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam and His Brother Jimmy. Tennessee is a CESSPOOL of Corruption & The President of Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn's PAC is a Putin Loving Homophobe BUT Nobody in Tennessee Cares - WHY Has Governor Bill Haslam NOT Spoken Out Against KLINE PRESTON....

The GOP Tennessee Governor "Most Likely" gets Cheap Oil from Putin's Associates.... YES!!! A Republican Governor is CORRUPT....  Just Released from Jail Another GOP Governor

Thank God Blagojevich is corrupt.... adds balance.

Sharyn Bovat is a Republican and she's like the GOP politicians to lead ETHICALLY... Thank You!!!!

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has signed into law the new homophobic Bill that criminalises gay freedom of expression. The adoption of children by foreign same-sex couples has also been banned and gay organisations that receive financial donations from overseas are being fined as 'foreign agents'. These are the latest examples of an escalating trend towards homophobic repression in Russia.

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FYI - I think he asked me to list "sexual positions" on in interrogatory because he's a sexually oppressed and wants to "spice up" his weekends.... Is that true?

NISSAN Whistleblower Sharyn Bovat's Interrogatory Responses To ...

Apr 10, 2013 - I just Emailed Henry Kissinger to Ask Him to Answer Kline Preston'sInterrogatory Question About Operation Condor. Someone Tell Michael ..

Yes!!! He put this on the internet...

Sharyn Bovat was BULLIED for being a perceived gay and Kline Preston KNEW it and did NOTHING..... It's morally wrong to not disclose to your client issues that affect the case.