The President of Marsha Blackburn's PAC - Is My Ex Lawyer. He's Suing Me for Slander and At the Same TIme He's Slandering Asians. HELLO!!!! Maybe Kline Preston a Self Declared Paula Dean & Putin Loving Homophobe Could Be Added to Asiana Lawsuit as a Defendant?

Hey Kline... I've got an idea... BEFORE you sue someone for slander you should STOP slandering.
Anyway:  I'm getting MORE admission questions for you to respond to and have not heard from your response to the amended argument that includes the "conflict of interest" with Marsha Blackburn and Governor Haslam...WHY?

The conflict is YOUR connection to he PAC.  Due to the "corrupt" courts in Tennessee you have an upper hand.  Although they might be forced to make "clean" decisions based on the federal microscope.  If you want to "do a deal"... I'm open.  Call me-we can meet for lunch. I want to "move on" with my life and I've got a deal that will give me my reputation back - I'm about JUSTICE and you can help me prove that NISSAN abused me... granted YOU did too BUT when it comes to an issue I care about... that's National Security you only told me you think "Iran is not that bad" and NISSAN does business with IRAN.   Obviously your "less" evil.   SIr-I'm tired and want resolution.  This is an opportunity & If you don't take it OK... GAME ON!!!

Kline Preston I have one thing going for me & that's the TRUTH & Eventually people will know it to.
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