AEI Thinkers, Ed Gillespie, Karl Rove and Reince Priebus: The AEI Event About Al Qaeda Gave Good Insight Into National Security Threats of the Future. We Need to Neutralize the AQAP & AQI Threat NOW.. Americans NO LONGER Wants to Have Problems in the Middle East..It's STALE. Instead Lets Keep the Military Strong and Our Troops "Home Working on Infrastructure and Start the Sequel to the Cold War... The AEI Experts Reminded Me of the Shift from Southeast Asia to the USSR and Then the "Shift" to the Middle East... It's Time for the Military Industrial Elite to SHIFT the Enemy...Back to Putin & Back to Peace Through Strength. Thank You!!!.

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Subject: OK- I Admit I went to Honduras in 1994 to Help with the War on Drugs.. It's on My CIA Application. Soon Sal Russo will be Connected to NISSAN CEO & Jim DeMint to CIA Drug Trafficking. Also TORTURE…. Someone Tell Rand Paul? Seems Odd He'd Be the Tea Party Express Poster Boy? 
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NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn is Gonna Get Linked to Ex CIA Linked to Drug Trafficking.. Here's a Preview of How the Dots will Connect..... Linking Carlos Ghosn to Jim Morton to Jim DeMint to Sal Russo to CIA Drug Trafficking.  Oddly Sal Russo's people blame President Bush.. I believe "that" is a False Flag"….  

Above is from Sharyn Bovat's official application to the CIA.... This application is considered an "affidavit" and Sharyn Bovat by law had to tell ALL the truth...  In all previous blog posts Sharyn said she left the IC community in 1993 and she did... she had to flee California from "witch hunts".... oddly she was still asked to "hang out" with friends.  In Central America while doing a "vacation" for the "drug war" Sharyn learned of Americans "interacting" inappropriately with those linked to torture.  She "blew the whistle" and a person was demoted ......   The CIA & State Dept. will know about the details...
below is from a State Dept. document that was released by a FOIA request.  ONLY am I talking about this publicly due to it being UNCLASSIFIED- document below....

Sharyn Bovat says Jim DeMint and Jim Morton the former "right hand man" of the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn is connected to the "bad people" that did the torturing.  Oliver North and those aligned with Sal Russo too.  
That is WHY Sharyn Bovat became a Democrat during the Clinton era... Sharyn did some of the research to restore the image of Oliver North then 'years later' learned he was connected to the 'evil element' that harmed humanity- that was 'upsetting'   FYI- Sharyn Bovat "still" believes that Oliver North was 'doing what he was told to do' and he was only following orders.  In 2010 when Sharyn confirmed ex CIA that were unethical during the Reagan era worked for the Obama administration she decided to 'go home' to the GOP....  Today Sharyn a Free Market thinker is back in the GOP... unless they don't want her after she ratted our the Romney and Haslam family for profiting from IRAN?

Oddly the Sal Russo people today blame the Bush people......   "that" is another false flag. The fact is people that George H. Bush fired are NOW working in National Security for President Obama's administration.  

I'm not saying President Obama is part of the problem... It was Leon Panetta that hired them...  President Obama basically "outsourced" foreign policy the 1st 4 years..  Luckily NOW he's got ethical people doing the job- they might not have as much experience as people want BUT lets give them a chance. Chuck Hagel & Susan Rice are true believers in humanity and ethics.  I'm "iffy" on John Brennan....   Still I have hope he's OK. The drone thing is suspicious… 
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Is America creating a "new" enemy by all the drone attacks?  After attending an AEI event on Al Qaeda I'm beginning to believe that out next enemy is AQAP and our drone attacks are "fueling" Al Qaeda in the Arabian  Peninsula to be stronger to retaliate from the deaths of innocent children.  

Again I blame the NeoLiberal's…. that include Panetta.  Seems like NeoLiberal's are "passive aggressive"  unlike Hawks you have "no clue" what the strategy is.   As far as "what" the voter wants that answer is simple PEACE.  

A man whose "a big hawk" told me after the AEI event that President Obama might become the Middle East's Accidental Genius when it comes to peace in the Middle East.  He told me "with the President of Iran tweeting Happy New Year to the Jews… the era of Middle Eastern aggression is ending"   the Military Industrial Complex needs a "new" enemy to justify their budgets and I think AQAP is NOT acceptable to voters and Yemen is never going to be a "valid" enemy.

Therefore we must have a sequel to the Cold War.   Peace Through Strength.   Lets keep the military BIG and STRONG and have the troops help with American infrastructure projects.   Literally . We help build bridges overseas lets "do it at home"  … All the men and women that served 3-5 tours in the Middle East deserve jobs.  The way to guarantee  them is to keep them in the military and HOW they want to stay is to be told they'll be able to be "home"…lets give the people that served America RESPECT. It will decrease the suicide rate too.  I hear that not having a job also increases the problem of PTSD too.  Heck I'm "proof" of that.   Anyone hiring?    :):)  Sharyn