CPAC Moments That Make A Moderate Cringe.... Todd Akin was EVERYWHERE... Does He Represent the Typical CPAC Attendee - The Answer is YES!!! At the St. Louis CPAC 95% Seemed to Love Him. Sharyn Says Todd Akin was NICE... Still The GOP Needs More Free Market Logical Thinking Moderates (Like Me) If They Want to See the White House BEFORE 2020...

GOP  Extremism in the Party- JUST SAY NO!!!!

Sharyn Bovat- enjoyed CPAC and a lot of the speeches were "inclusive"...even the words of US Senator Mike Lee were inspiring-  He told a Baptist joke that brought back the point of NOT being mean to your neighbor because he's "different".... OK upon review of the joke BOTH he and the neighbor were with - same religion yet belonged to dueling Baptist conventions beliefs.   

Still the speech was unexpectedly neutral and Sharyn told Mike Lee after he spoke that she was ALL ready to bash him on her blog for being Too Ted Cruz.  She then told him to put his speech "on line" & thanked him for preaching RESPECT of differences.  Still most of his views of people that "don't connect" with a majority of America .  He seems squishy on National Security..... 

Moderate & Independent women that the GOP can attract are usually PRO National Security- we respect the military.  We want congress to NOT touch our bodies or any healthcare reform UNTIL they come up with a "viable" replacement.   Most moderate women want FAIR taxes.  We don't want wasted spending and do NOT see spending on Veterans as waste - we see financially protecting our troops as MANDATORY.  Most moderate women want student loans - but we want responsibility by the banks in issuing them.    Most moderate women want JOB Stimulus programs on INFRASTRUCTURE that will make America safer.  We don't want stimulus for "new" unproven technologies.  Things like the electric car should be part of the Free Market Economy.  The government needs to CAREFULLY spend tax dollars on the railroads-highways- strengthen  bridges and levees. REAL jobs need to becreated and the America needs these "improvements" and by spending money NOW while money is "cheap" on projects that create REAL jobs the economy can improve.   With that comes MORE revenue ...  Also Money should be spent in schools WISELY- This voice of a moderate is NOT saying spend more on education.  The problem seems to be "execution" on spending on that issue.  The GOP needs to highlight "school choice" to Americans and then the GOP will be a voice of the demographic YOU need to win.

Bottom line at CPAC  the "feel" in the hall was right wing social extremism- lots of opportunities to "look at fetuses"  I hope San Diego put the booths in "zones" Free Market Zone- Phyllis Shlafly Zone- National Security Zone & a separate zone for the "we love ALL guns" contingent.  The fact is there's a difference between gun rights and National Security. FYI- Most moderates WANT background checks and less semi automatic weapons.  Still we want the missiles that will protect America built and a strong military.