***UPDATE*** Ed Gillespie & Karl Rove Sirs -Get This- TEA PARTY Congressman Matt Lynch Says "People are NOT Terrorized by Healthcare Issues".. I'm Paraphrasing - My Voice is MORE Articulate than the Buffoon on MSNBC and I'm NOT Talking About Chris Hayes.... He's Sounding "Reasonable".... When is the GOP Going to Provide a SOLUTION to Healthcare?

“At the RSLC, we do pride ourselves on trying to look a little further down the road and take a longer view of things,” Chairman Ed Gillespie said in an interview, citing work the committee already does to recruit local candidates who may rise into the ranks of the national party one day. “I think we’re well positioned for that.”  Politico 

GOP gets set to unveil '.gop'

Politico-Oct 23, 2013
Republicans are moving one step closer to claiming unique territory on the Internet: Websites that end in “.gop.” The Republican State ...
TheDomains.com-Oct 23, 20From: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@icloud.com>
Date: October 24, 2013, 8:55:37 AM CDT
To:  High level political operatives
Subject: Congressman Matt Lynch - Cruel Critic of Obamacare  OHIO is a SWING State- hello don'ti put Matt Lynch in TV- also I want a .GOP domain:):)
In the 80's the Reagan operatives linked to Nancy kept saying "image is everything". Watch what a congressman from Ohio just did to the GOP image - FYI - the RSLC getting the .GOP was pure GENIUS.

Where (do I get)  my VoiceofaModerate.GOP domain?