Tom Brokaw I'm Telling Howard Baker & Baker Donelson an Idea for YOUR Next Book. I'm Sure NEW FBI Director James Comey Will Want to Read It.... I Want the FBI to Say Yes or NO That the Boston Bombing and Haslam FBI Raid are NOT Linked in Any Way. I've Been Told It Was a Diversion to Protect Haslam.. Also To Send a Message to NOT Prosecute Jimmy Haslam. The Haslam Family Most Likely Knew NOTHING... This is Purely Putin's People: Have You Looked Into Kline Preston? He Told Me His Brother Was the TOP CIA Lawyer (Stephen Preston) - I Fear for My Life When I Have to Travel to Tennessee - There's a DIRECT Link to NISSAN the CEO Carlos Ghosn is Chairman of the Board for the Russian Maker Autovaz. Why Would Carlos Ghosn WANT the EV to Succeed When He's Partnering with Putin Whose County is the Largest Oil/Gas Producer. I Was Told the NISSAN Leaf Was a "Fasle Flag" and Outdated Technology Used... If the Leaf FAILED It Would Keep America Dependent on the Middle East (Carlos Ghosn is From Lebanon) and Russia... Carlos Ghosn is a Friend of Putin. My Lawyer Kline Preston DID NOT Tell Me His "Confligt of Interest" Since Russia Was His Client the Same Time as Me.... He Did Tell Me He Was "Friendly" With Baker Donelson Partners.....

Howard Baker:  Below was posted on my blog reaching out to US Senator Dianne Feinstein:  My NeoLiberal mom took me to a mentoring brunch and she told me to speak out when I saw a problem and to KEEEP speaking.  I'm a "little" pissed she has not proposed My legislative idea for a Covert and Clandestine Operatives Family Protection Act.... I can't get a lawyer cause people are TERRIFIED by people like YOU..

Mr. Baker this will make YOU laugh... I told a guy that worked on the Church Committee that I 
learned to swear because people that raised me were MAD at what they were investigating:  This is REALLY cool because I'm speaking up and others.... Snowden got people scared- NOW Iran can't sell it's oil to Middle men like Mike Loya and NOW Iran is "really at the table".... 

The fact is a friend of the "late" Marvin Runyon who was a Presidential appointee and also a former President of NISSAN North America told me the history of the Good Ole  Boy network that YOU dominate   He even told me Lamar Alexander was part of it he said that YOUR (Howard Baker, Lamar Alexander, Marvin Runyon, Bill Lacy, Fred Thompson, Tom Ingram & others were people that were NOT horrible... This man did say he was also a "Good Ole Boy"... he said it was the NEXT Generation that was bad for society.  I will tell the FBI all the details.  

My computer was attacked cyber-ly and I did file a police report....   When I go to DC people find me... via my GPS that I carry at all times (iPhone) then they communicate issues and tell me if I'm on the right or wrong track.  What scares me so much is that the issue of the Boston Bombing linked to the Haslam FBI raid as a "diversion" is STILL a "possibility"  it's NOT been quashed.   

  1. Haslam Family Business FBI & IRS Raid Commentary: Jimmy ...

Jimmy Haslam has been getting oil from countries that back IRAN.  Russian is a large supplier of gas and when I learned the Boston Bombing done the "same day" as the Haslam Raid "could have" been a message to NOT take away Putin's Profits from the Oil industry...  Evidently when I blogged about that I pissed Putin's people off.  I've has a lOT of viewers from Russian.  The CEO of NISSAN is NOW the Chairman of the Board for the Russian automaker Autovaz:   The Russian mafia "most likely" wants me dead I've been told there's a price on my head: higher than a "usual" hit.  I"M SCARED.  I ONLY blog to get my reputation back.  I diid reach out to the Nashville FBI satellite office and they told me they did not want to do a case on the Tennessee Good Ole Bot network...It's a syndicate/Southern Mafia.  2 years ago +/-  I was invited to a Tennessee judicial racketeering meeting and when I told someone there that I knew some of the players mentioned from my political days I was not invited back.   

Since then I learned that I'm a "Creepy" person. Growing up I was told Imelda Marcos was an elegant humanitarian & I learned that "she was not".... It's sad - yet after my last trip to DC I feel better: The people that investigated the Nixon dirty tricks don't blame me- some are happy that I'm speaking up.  Evidently they have been slandered and minimized by the "same group" that has done that to me - since I became a whistleblower in Tennessee. 

 Click Here to Read About NEW Bullying Done to Me by People "Most Likely" Connected to the CIA & Baker Donelson- I want the FBI to Investigate

Click Here to See How a Popular Anchorman Rhori Johnston from Nashville Belittles Me- I've Been Slandered by those Protecting NISSAN & He Get to Drive a Car for FREE and Never Reported the Abuse I Got From NISSAN

Message to Mike Loya (Vitol) - Haslam Family Business FBI & IRS ...

Aug 4, 2013 - Message to Mike Loya (Vitol) a Pilot Flying J Board-member & to Those... I Was Told Stinger Missiles From The 80's are Being Sold By Iranian ...

Senator Dianne Feinstein Remember Me?: James Clapper, Michael ...

Oct 1, 2013 - Why America Needs a Covert & Clandestine Operative Family Protection Act? Because family members of those in the IC community were ...

Mr. Baker- Do you understand HOW my life got "shaken up" when NISSAN outed me for doing research for CIA operatives in 2009.  I had not told the man I was married to for over a decaded.  He did think my family was "odd" but he NEVER knew.  He wants a divorce and I need health insurance. _call me for more details.. I have court transcripts to PROVE Nissan made me the "repo" consultant a HIGH RISK global threat. When they put me in the computer system I was ELECTRONICALLY OUTED - due to that I was told to NOT travel to certain countries.... INCLUDING the UK.

This is from a post reaching out to James Clapper

First a question for JAMES CLAPPER & the people of the world. How does the child of a pilot who was involved with CIA gun runner & drug trafficking get help in America?  

My name is Sharyn Bovat I'm asking for RESPECT- People connected to Stephen Preston of the CIA have abused me.  People connected to Carlos Ghosn the NISSAN/Renault CEO have abused me. ALL I want is to be able to work, get health insurance and to not live in fear.  I love my country and all I ask is for America to treat me with RESPECT.  

Also NSA Elite: Do NOT blame all the post WW2 drama on "my family" we just did what we were told. Do NOT put ALL the blame on the Republicans... Sure Henry Kissinger did some "dirty" things BUT he's been "non-partisan for a LONG time.  It's my impression that the Nazi protection and South American recruitment operation did NOT turn out "as planned"... I say let the truth be told about Operation Condor and let it be known GLOBALLY that the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn's dad was part of Condor and that he was part of global cover ups INCLUDING the Lockerbie Bombing.  

We have to end the era of cover ups.  Too much is "coming to light".. MOST Americans no longer trust the government and a MAJORITY want the CIA to become "extinct"... So the CIA needs to "re-brand".... They have some good people in Langley that can "Make it Happen"...I met some that "want a fresh start"..... 

Senator Dianne Feinstein Remember Me?: July 2013

Jul 29, 2013 - Why America Needs a Covert & Clandestine Operative Family Protection Act? Because family members of those in the IC community were  

Below is from my blog written a long time ago: 

OMG!!!  I can't believe it all of a sudden new memories are as "clear as daylight" it must be because I've been able to talk/write about things that I've had to be silent about for SO LONG..Can you imagine the stories of ALL the people that were connected to the Lockerbie cover up once they are allowed to talk?  OMG!!!

We could do a book for charity called " the Creepiest Generation"..... Just kidding. FYI- it was really hard for me to admit that I "might" be connected to the creepy people but then I thought about it and I'm a decent ethical human being and all the Post WW2 drama happened and there must have been a reason for some of it.  HELLO  whacking an El Salvadorian priest is a little extreme.  Lets ask Mr, Kissinger WHY? I'd like to know WHY- I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation.  He's still well respected and President Obama appointed his protege to lead the Treasury. 

Senator - The reason WHY that question being answered matters is because a society can only get healthy if it learns from its past.  With so many of the decision makers being dead or almost it makes finding the facts difficult (I think that was their goal).  Anyway in my heart I believe that you care about the world and I know you love America.  I'll never forget you grabbing my hand at that brunch and looked into my eyes and said SPEAK you must SPEAK up when you see a problem. You said make sure the problem is real and if nobody listens keep speaking.

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