Ed Gillespie, Karl Rove, Reince Priebus & Haley Barbour the DOD Whistleblower Learns of Arachnoid Cyst After Falling from Uneven Pavement in DC.....GOP Elite Gotta Fix ObamaCare- How About Changing the Name to AmericaCare?

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Subject: Whistleblower's Catscan Shows Brain Cyst - Sharyn Bovat Told By George Washington Hospital in DC She Was Currently OK - It's Benign and NO Damage to the Brain BUT it has to be Monitored-
PLEASE figure out how to make Obamacare work- start by changing the name - to one that's political.

It's true I  just learned i have an arachnoid cysts- it was discovered by accident after i tripped over uneven pavement in DC. I've probably had it my whole life - now that I know it's a "preexisting" condition - I was told it has to be monitored- I'm lucky to know.  This way if needed it can be treated: Still it's terrifying.

Anyway - have a great weekend!


Good News..... New Legislation for Whistleblower....''