James Comey of the FBI PLEASE 'Lets Get" the Perpetrators that Did the Lockerbie Bombing That Buck Revell Mentioned In His Email to Me Today; Frank Duggan Was CC'd ... Mr. Revell Thank You For Your Reply - I Forwarded it To the United Nations and Others. Can Dan Gilbert Help Me Get My Retirement: I Think I've PROVED I Did CIA Research? Lets Get the Current TOP Lawyer of the CIA Robert Eatinger to Sign Off. Thank you!! I Just Want Closure- Kindof Like the Lockerbie Bombing Families. It's Time for the TRUTH... Frank Duggan (I'm Sure is a Nice Guy) - BUT a Lousy Spokesman - Find Someone MORE Warm & Fuzzy:):)

James Comey The FBI Needs to interrogate the Alastair Campbell too.....  He's Tony Blair's GoTo PR guy... Revell says no cover up in the "investigation" but NOT in the trial.   These FBI guys do a LOT of "word" games... Just like Clapper.  It's not that their evil it's just how they were "taught"    Robert Eatinger - If I can get credit for the time i did research for CIA operatives I won't have to worry about Healthcare. ALL I want is to be able to work and be respected.  I can do politicla type consulting but I need LONGTERM health insurance.  ALL i need is to have someone sign off on the lowest level retirement package that has it.  I don't think I'm asking for much?  I'm tired of blogging.....  about history- I'd rather blog about Obamacare solutions.

Below Read the email I got from Buck Revell.  I'm grateful he sent it. All I want is RESPECT for me and the Lockerbie families. he says that there are perpetrators out there & what's the status on "that"... 

Miss Bovat,

This is my last response to you; after this your e-mails will not be accepted by my computer.
Let me make this loud and clear!!!!!There was no cover-up in the Lockerbie investigation. Hundreds of dedicated law enforcement officers and prosecutors in the U.K., U.S., Germany and Malta worked countless hours, often under very difficult circumstances to solve this tragic case. I first thought that Iran and the PFLP were responsible, but intensive investigation and forensic examinations finally lead us to Libya and the true perpetrators. More Libyans were involved than have been able to be charged, but the investigation continues.

Oliver "Buck" Revell
Associate Deputy Director, FBI (Ret.)

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Sorry if i bothered you.

One last question. is my past babbling about the Lockerbie bombing cover up correct?

Thank you

Sharyn Bovat
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Subject: Buck Revell are YOU Cheney & Rumsfeld "GoTo" Guy for Cover Ups?   the answer seems to be NO- guess V
On Nov 17, 2013, at 11:19 PM, Buck Revell <buck@revellgroup.com> wrote:

Miss Bovat,
I have no idea what you are talking about. Please delete me from any of your future babbling.
Oliver "Buck" Revell
NOTICE how the G-Man from JFK to Lockerbie does not say he has NO idea who I am?
Guess I can't use him as a job reference?

I sent this to the DOD IGO, FBI and others today: the DOD Whistleblower wants RESPECT.  I'm tired of being bullied.

Mr. Revell does NOT know what I'm talking about (1992 RNC Internal Battle of Control) because he was "most likely" not directly linked to Bush or Cheney-  I was NOT either  I do NOT know Who ordered the cover ups…

 this man that spoke to me (a few years ago) was convinced someone killed Bill Casey..over Iran Contra and Buck Revell was involved with that? Revell was linked to Reagan's Pro Israel people & Dean Lesher & looks like her became a "got to" guy for Mossad.  Someone see who hires Mr. Revell for his security services? Remember I had the 1992 Mossad guy/Private bank  guy who wanted to know WHAT I was doing in Bahrain/Kuwait ?  Granted Revell's cover ups helped MIC too. (Maybe investigating Mr. Revell is too "sensitive")The CIA guy from the Johnson era whose son (recently) talked to me said LBJ's friends profited from ALL the Agent Orange sales to the DOD. I learned I'm probably right about my French wanting the rubber trees killed to protect their new investment in Brazil  theory that was told to me for the "cause" of JFK approving the order. It's complicated and I only know a little and people have tried to help piece it together.    

Any way back to Buck Revell it was my impression some did not trust him-  George H Bush demoted Mr. Revell.  you don't see that on his resume?  I was told Bush fired Michael Vickers too.. Nobody has told me that is not true? NOW he's Obama's BIG Intel guy-He armed Al Qaeda in 80's & World Airways flew the stinger missiles along with other stuff-Seem like the pilots that interacted with the Bin Laden types had "early" deaths.  Journalist Call Me for Details... 615-944-7599 if something happens to me the information will still be available

The problem is Mr. Revell runs a SECURITY Consulting firm & he's HIGHLY linked to Mossad/ Sheldon Adelson's people (if I'm WRONG about that I told Mr. Revell that I would apologive & take down my blog posts) & a few years ago I was told by a friend of the late Marvin Runyon that it was the "2nd" Generation Good Ole Boy that was harming me. Have you seen a picture of Howard Baker is OLD…OMG!!! The guy is in a wheel chair and has difficulties eating cupcakes. I think he's beyond plotting to harm a carpool mom BUT those that profit from his legacy are scared the truth about Reagan era cover ups will come out  I think they are Haslam's people.  Only the people that profit have the means and motive to commit a crime against a whistleblower.  

I've sent the former FBI guy who wrote the book on being a "G" man about 6 emails about Lockerbie wanting questions answer.  He never responded to any of my other emails accusing him of conspiracies I even asked him about Iran Contra, & "Whack a Priest"  aka El Salvadoran Death squads - those my former boarding school roommate's family led for the CIA.  

Seems like the 1979-1981 "get rid of Carter" thins  is the one people in the Obama administration want to solve - Why Else would a "most likely" relative of the TOP DOD lawyer tell me he'll have me charged with contempt of court for not answering questions about WHO in the gov. I knew in 1980.  In reference to the Iran Hostage thing I do NOT think Bush was the mastermind like many connected to Sal Russo have told me.  Had been responsible for the he would have been president & NOT Reagan"….   Sal Russo is the "link"…. All I want is to get a job and get my reputation back. NOW I don't thing Mr. Revell will be a reference for me to get a job:(:( 

*********** classified*******

Buck Revell will KNOW the truth about Lockerbie & he's getting OLD.  Congress should MAKE him testify- NOW!!!

I'm 99.9% Buck Revell is one of "them" …. he's a person  that has done more harm than good…. I do NOT understand HOW people let him be in a role of power? 

On Nov 17, 2013, at 11:19 PM, Buck Revell <buck@revellgroup.com> wrote:

Miss Boyat,
I have no idea what you are talking about. Please delete me from any of your future babbling.
Oliver "Buck" Revell

Mr Revell,
I went to the LA riots the day they started - the GOP in 1992 was worried about Race relations (Former President Ford had tacos with me backstage of the Houston Astrodome) Back then I was used for diversity research and i was Good at it - here's something I learned that maybe you know about. Sometime Reality is stranger than fiction.

The 1992 RNC convention was turned into a "game" by the GOP elite

i call it the 1992 RNC Internal Battle for control competition- George and Jeb. Were fighting for the "rights" to daddy's RNC piggy bank in a staged controlled setting that was considered "a family reunion" for the battle I was put on the pink hat (aka special events- we had hats and earpieces and had people in "control towers" sky boxes telling us what to do) Anyway- this guy from Kennebunkport said the Bushes resolve a lot of arguments with "creative Battles"

My team was led by Henry Barbour.  The group was all Texas and Mississippi (except for me from CA).

Both teams had 10 people and one member was Black- I learned that he was hired to do nothing but "be black" he was most likely hired so I would not complain to Ford's people what big Racist Henry and Haley were? Anyway the Orange Team that supported Jeb Bush had 2 hispanic people - their team was from NY- Illinois and Florida.  *** Lynn Martin the former Secretary of Labor had TWO daughters on the orange hat team.

Jebs team was the social moderates but I was placed on Pink hat team and HATED it. Henry barbour told me at Olive Garden a few weeks before the convention officially started that "Hitler was his strategic idol" ... The RNC battle was a real one - we were fighting for the heart of the GOP. I blogged about 4 years ago and THAT probably terrified some?

Here's the deal:
To to determine the RNC civil war - moderate vs conservative in 1992 we had a competition: One "challenge" was to get the most minorities to attend the actual convention. The Pink hat leader Henry Barbour lined up Greyhound style buses & wanted us (the team) to recruit "decent looking" poor people to fill up the Astrodome for the Bush prime time speech. It was a win-win challenge  because the audience on TV was too white. Both me and the black guy ( I remember his name:):) refused to do it & Jebs team did not take that challenge seriously &  decided to go to a bar thus the reason for the moderate loss.

Gets weirder... It was not just political kids playing games. The trailers back stage the Houston Astrodome were set up strategically too.  Those pro war Hawks were Aligned with Haley Barbour (who became RNC chairman). I was told not to go to an area- my badge said "access all areas" and I went. Thats where i saw Mr Cheney he did attend the convention site "briefly" and i saw him backstage in the Pink side.

Lots of deals were being done. In 1992 People knew Bush might lose & the hawks were fighting to control the party (RNC cash) . There more to the story- one that REALLY happened :):).

This is a fun fact:
Jeb was the known captain of the Orange hats BUT few thought  George was the beneficiary of the Barbour victory. When I got back to CA I was asked if I got near Jeb - people wanted to know about him & I said NO but I did get to talk to George his brother- I was quickly told that he was a "waste of time - nobody would ever take him seriously".   HELLO!!!!  Not a waste of time?

A few years later 94?  Jeb  lost the FL Gov race BUT  George won.  There is a reason WHY that happened its because of how money flowed - he was the victor and "heir" to the Bush dynasty.

Had the orange hats (Jeb) won I do not think some wars would have happened.

Mr. Revell YOU are a member of the Pink hats and respectfully America is tired of ALL the games.

Sir, Time to "cash your chips" and retire. America cannot get healthy with people like you spouting unhealthy lies and continuing cover ups.

Sir, I'm not crazy I'm CRANKY - oops maybe I'll use the word cantankerous THAT is the word my mom used to describe Mr. Rumsfeld.

Have a great night!

Sharyn Bovat