James Comey tell the FBI to Tell DHS and Congress that Their are Alternaives to Gitmo for the Detainees That Have NOT Been Fully Investigated & Tell Elizabeth Loftus I'm Using My REAL Memories to Motivate Me to Solve the Issue... Well My Memories and Some Old Hawk Mentors:):)

“Hey, what kind of people vote to fund a prison that’s 95% full of men who haven’t been charged with a crime after eleven and a half years?” Lt. COl. Barry Wingard

Please read about the detainees below... YES!!! About 10% are truly terrorist. The issue is a complicated one since 

Elizabeth Loftus HERE's Another Memory
FYI- My viral fight for humanity against NISSAN started on June 4th 2009 & the President of NISSAN North America KNEW at the time WHAT I was doing.. He too wanted to "end" the Good Ole Boy network.. He told me it was "destroying the company" www.NISSANWhistleblower.com that was my birthday and that's

On my birthday in 2013 I decided to "take on" the issue of Gitmo

My life pattern is to use that day to "reflect"  it's sort of like a mid year - new years resolve day. 

 Maybe if you read below you'll understand.
Background.. Reagan's was friends with the Lesher's and the publisher of the Contra Costa times was friends with my possible "bio"dad Ed Daly. 

"Pelosi cheered the arrival of Gorbachev to the Presidio as a tenant," in a speech before the House of Representatives on June 4, 1992, entitled, “From Swords to Plowshares." Pelosi and Murtha showed their true ideological colors in their energetic efforts to bring the world's most influential Communist to American soil to establish his American base for promoting his Globalist-Socialist agenda. 

The welcome of Gorby was on my birthday....it was a joke that "that" was my present....   Lesher's people made me spend time with Russans...I went to an Oyster Bar in SF and "bonded" with former KGB.... I did not want to go... I was told I had to... the only way to Peace is to learn how to "forgive".....

Sharyn Bovat was a former HOSTAGE... ok admitted I'm only a day and 1/2 detainee BUT I still have nightmares of men coming into my hotel room and strapping on to a board in the middle of the night/early morning (3-4amish). I started getting flashbacks AFTER people in Tennessee jailed me for whistleblowing. I have PTSD... It something NOW I have to live with everyday. I'm fighting it by trying to help make America safer by talking about stuff that's NOT kosher.  THe goal is for America to be RESPECTED in the world and as of NOW many people think Americans are "evil twisted human beings"... Even people that work for the government are ashamed at what their countty has done in respect to Guantanamo. Because I was around people that turned the SF Presidio into a center of diplomacy & after being told of a couple "options" for the detainees that have not been charged or convicted I know there's HOPE.  Oddly the realistic option is NOT sending them home.. because it's too dangerous for both the men and for America.   

What "if" when the KGB detained me they kept me for 10+ years without charging me for a crime- America is THAT ok? I was caught like Ryan Fogle BUT during the Cold War.... All I was doing was showing young women (my age) Cosmopolatan magazines to make them "want" democracy.  I was told by a good source that many detainees are "just" WTWP (wrong time wrong place) they can never go home and I do NOT want to believe they are treated like dogs but when I see these pictures I have concerns. 

Recently I learned that "most likely" I was taken hostage by KGB people connected to the American CIA to see if I would "talk"  the trip was planned AFTER Pan Am's insurance company released their report saying the Lockerbie Bombing was done by people connected to CIA drug trafficking.   After I did NOT talk... I was asked to go on more trips.....   luckily I did not go to Georgia in 1993.... Aldrich Ames was "ratting" out spies....  it's TRUE!!!!

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 Buck Revell... Do YOU Know anything?

NISSAN & Carlos Carlo Ghosn  triggered my PTSD and it's not easy living with it... but I'll be OK