Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie & Reince Priebus- Do YOU Know Buck Revell? I Might Need Elizabeth Loftus to Help Me FORGET This Memory... I Was 27 Years Old? Also Last Summer I LOVED the Journey Concert at 2012 Family Reunion (RNC Convention) .... is it too much to ask for ACDC in 2016?

Sharyn Bovat picuterd at the 1992 Houston convention - she worked for Henry Barbour.  

Elizabeth Loftus- He is "what" I want to FORGET... Please see letter sent to Buck Revell and the GOP Elite. I'm suggesting they "stop" playing games. 

 The video is from the 1988 RNC convention in New Orleans... A wife of an Air America pilot gave me the VCR tape.  I was on ABC news.   Someone in California wanted to see me say the Pledge to Mr, Bush.  The Military Industrial family is an INTENSE ONE.  I think I'm now an orphan.

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Mr Revell,

I went to the LA riots the day they started - the GOP in 1992 was worried about Race relations (Former President Ford had tacos with me backstage of the Houston Astrodome) Back then I was used for diversity research and i was Good at it - here's something I learned that maybe you know about. Sometime Reality is stranger than fiction.

The 1992 RNC convention was turned into a "game" by the GOP elite

i call it the 1992 RNC Internal Battle for control competition- George and Jeb. Were fighting for the "rights" to daddy's

RNC piggy bank in a staged controlled setting that was considered "a family reunion" for the battle I was put on the pink hat (aka special events- we had hats and earpieces and had people in "control towers" sky boxes telling us what to do) Anyway- this guy from Kennebunkport said the Bushes resolve a lot of arguments with "creative

My team was led by Henry Barbour.  The group was all Texas and Mississippi (except for me from CA).

Both teams had 10 people and one member was Black- I learned that he was hired to do nothing but "be black" he was most likely hired so I would not complain to Ford's people what big Racist Henry and Haley were? Anyway the Orange Team that supported Jeb Bush had 2 hispanic people - their team was from NY- Illinois and Florida.  *** Lynn Martin the former Secretary of Labor had TWO daughters on the orange hat team.

Jebs team was the social moderates but I was placed on Pink hat team and HATED it. Henry barbour told me at Olive Garden a few weeks before the convention officially started that "Hitler was his strategic idol" ... The RNC battle was a real one - we were fighting for the heart of the GOP. I blogged about 4 years ago and THAT probably terrified some?

Here's the deal:
To to determine the RNC civil war - moderate vs conservative in 1992 we had a competition: One "challenge" was to get the most minorities to attend the actual convention. The Pink hat leader Henry Barbour lined up Greyhound style buses & wanted us (the team) to recruit "decent looking" poor people to fill up the Astrodome for the Bush prime time speech. It was a win-win challenge  because the audience on TV was too white. Both me and the black guy ( I remember his name:):) refused to do it & Jebs team did not take that challenge seriously &  decided to go to a bar thus the reason for the moderate loss.

Gets weirder... It was not just political kids playing games. The trailers back stage the Houston Astrodome were set up strategically too.  Those pro war Hawks were Aligned with Haley Barbour (who became RNC chairman). I was told not to go to an area- my badge said "access all areas" and I went. Thats where i saw Mr Cheney he did attend the convention site "briefly" and i saw him backstage in the Pink side.

Lots of deals were being done. In 1992 People knew Bush might lose & the hawks were fighting to control the party (RNC cash) . There more to the story- one that REALLY happened :):).

This is a fun fact:
Jeb was the known captain of the Orange hats BUT few thought  George was the beneficiary of the Barbour victory. When I got back to CA I was asked if I got near Jeb - people wanted to know about him & I said NO but I did get to talk to George his brother- I was quickly told that he was a "waste of time - nobody would ever take him seriously".   HELLO!!!!  Not a waste of time?

A few years later 94?  Jeb  lost the FL Gov race BUT  George won.  There is a reason WHY that happened its because of how money flowed - he was the victor and "heir" to the Bush dynasty.

Had the orange hats (Jeb) won I do not think some wars would have happened.

Mr. Revell YOU are a member of the Pink hats and respectfully America is tired of ALL the games.

Sir, Time to "cash your chips" and retire. America cannot get healthy with people like you spouting unhealthy lies and continuing cover ups.

Sir, I'm not crazy I'm CRANKY - oops maybe I'll use the word cantankerous THAT is the word my mom used to describe Mr. Rumsfeld.

Have a great night!

Sharyn Bovat

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LOVED the Journey Concert at 2012 Family Reunion.... is it too much to ask for ACDC in 2016?