***Links Activated*** Sheldon Adelson: I Just Told A Man Who Says He Knows YOU To Shut Up..... The Hypocrisy was Making Me Nauseous

Sheldon Adelson, chair of theRepublican Jewish Coalition, recently called for a U.S. nuclear strike on Iran:  

Meanwhile the Tennessee Governor and Mitt Romney PROFIT from Iran????

Click Here to see HOW Romney and Haslam economically support Khomeini 

Mr. Adelson I was impressed by the generous gifts you give to hospitals and I know your a decent human being....  It's just the guy that said he knew you was going "on and on" and it annoyed me because I do believe that it's morally wrong for people to violate the law and it's against the law to do business with IRAN. If you did not know about Romney and Haslma well you do NOW.... 

Sir, it's time those fighting for America go RESPECT... How do you think people that serve in the military feel when they hear taxpayer money is being giving to foreign companies that "fuel" the economy of a terrorist nation.  How do you think the troops feel when they hear that NISSAN technology goes to Putin & Khomeini.  The fact that Romney and Haslam profit from Putin and Khomeini "directly or indirectly" is morally wrong.  YOU Sir want to "nuke" IRAN yet you supported Romney?   I just don't "get it"....... 

Clarification*** MITT ROMNEY Does Business with IRAN Via His


Aug 5, 2013 - Clarification*** MITT ROMNEY Does Business with IRAN Via His ...Tagg Romney co-founded Solamere Capital with Spencer Zwick in 2008.