Karl Rove & Ed Gillespie Can YOU Tell Members of Congress it's NICE to Act Like Rep. Joe Barton & Give Visiting Whistleblower a Beverage: Thank You!!! Also Did YOU See the Letter to Mandela to the Lockerbie Bomber... Mandela Calls Him a Comrade & Had His Photo Taken w/him. HELLO - Lets Open an Investigation Into Lockerbie Bombing.. Get Frank Duggan to Testify?

Below is a brochure that I gave to various members of congress on the Foreign Relations, Armed Services and Intel committee....

Also Paul Ryan STILL does NOT treat me with RESPECT... Why?
Is it because I "outed" Mitt Romney for profiting from IRAN? 


if so "get over it".... let the mainstream media report it NOW during the holidays so nobody will remember next year... Boys isn't 2014 an important one for you?  

  Ask Mr. Ryan if he he's linked to the Haslam allies that "bullied" Martin Luther King? Tell the congress man my goal is RESPECT for ALL PEOPLE & I'm waiting to hear from Reid Weingarten "if" the Haslam family is gonna adopt me or hear if Mike Loya "wants" a date- tell him his dad told me my mom was HOT.

Also I met a former diplomat who NOW gets checks from Saudi and he told me he did NOT think Romney names Bain Capital after LBJ... He did admit that Romney was an Iranian profiteer but said my comment on the "naming" of Bain was a stretch - so I told him that I will take it off my blog once a member of the Romney legal team tell me I'm wrong: then I told him "how" Mitt financed Bain Capital... His partners were those that led El Salvadorian death squads.. I told him my boarding school roommate in 1980 her family "did" those- remember the whacked priest.  He then told me he would "ask someone that would know" and get back to me if I'm wrong.  I have NOT heard back.   


Below are TWEETS: About the Lockerbie Bombing....