This GOP Voice Admits She Has PTSD and WANTS ALL Political Parties in America to "Clean Up it's Act".... I Told a Man Today Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson DID Not "Directly" Assault the DOE Whistleblower.... He's Allies DID....

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Date: December 1, 2013, 11:24:58 PM EST
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Subject: YES!!! A Vendor of the Haslams got an Email From Chrissy Asking HOW Their Representing God at 500k wedding - is the GOP Elite gonna Whack the Hired Help? 
FYI- Republicans in the past have killed "the help" before for lessor offenses. The GOP is not an easy family to be a member of. It's really time to "change" that-time to Respect ALL people. Just a thought?  I'm only saying this because I live in fear. The Democrats are not perfect either. An elected official gave me details about a New Mexico whistleblower who was beaten and left for dead when she threatened to expose DOE fraud connected to Fmr Governor Richardson. The guy gave me his card and he's upset the feds ignored it 
BUT if the FBI wants to finally investigate I will send them the politicians contact info. 

The NEW Haslam issue is disgusting - worse than Bob McRolex. I'll give Silverman details this week and he can make sure the mainstream media NEVER reports it ....

Hope you had a great weekend!


i was told that it's OK for me to speak because I was "outed" by NISSAN after I whistle blew