Ed Gillespie is NOT Crazy Like a Fox…. I Am:):)

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    Charlie Cook & the National Journal 

    Ed Gillespie is NOT Crazy Like a Fox...

    Ed Gillespie is a calculated "hunter" & he knows that he can:
    #1 as a candidate start a dialogue so the GOP can talk about solutions
    #2 see what "baggage" is left from the Bush era…. Maybe help Jeb make a decision
    #3 Can keep the donors happy…… (read between the lines) 
    #4 He can FINALLY say "what" he's about - I heard that he cringed at "some" of Romney's messaging
    #5 What else does he have to do?

    Crazy Like a Fox? - NationalJournal.com

    15 hours ago - Former RNC Chair Ed Gillespie has little to lose and much to gain from running against Mark Warner in Virginia's Senate race.

    The BIG money donors OWN the various mainstream media outlets & are lacking candidate for their "mouth pieces to write about"….