James Comey the FBI Needs to Have the CIA STOP Monitoring Whistleblower in America… They Use Foreign Operatives to Spy on Me- I Have Proof.

My name is Sharyn Bovat - I've been bullied & I'm fighting back.... I just told people that the CIA has a sex tape of me... one from the 80's and most likely one more recent. They think I'll "shut up"..... instead I'm LOUDER. I decided to WANT the tapes to go viral.... don't just show them to "hire ups" to make me look like a bimbo.... What I'm saying is important.... If JUST to prove the CIA is linked to Haley Barbour & MIC cronyism - I'm gonna become America's oldest bimbo - still i hope the tapes from the 80's are released at the SAME time (I looked better then) ....I'm sure the past presidential candidate will be a "bit" embarrassed... Oh well... Sir YOU lost and it's time for America to get HEALTHY....Besides it looks like you have a great "gig" at CNN the extra publicity might get you better rating:):)

In 1993 I went to the Republican Governors conference....Deer Valley Lodge Park CIty Utah: Governor Hunt from Alabama "thought" I was on the "special" hospitality committee. I was not - I was learning oppositions research techniques: Governor Martin of North Carolina spent an entire dinner with his hand up my skirt. Later I was asked to be part of the "trolling for tattletales" team....I did not do it-people connected to Dick Cheney "thought" Haley's tactic were TOO sleazy - They bullied Clinton into letting BLACKWATER happen,