Note to AEI - GOP Elite… If YOU Want the Moderate Vote the KEY is ENERGY - AFFORDABLE Energy. Most Moderate Women Want AMERICAN Energy.

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The below data is linked to ALL Issues mainly National Security most that I talk to under 40 think America is a Global bully. The people that I talk to in their late 20's that make an effort to understand National security issues say they don't know who they dislike more "W" or Obama they're mad at they hypocrisy - they want out of Afghanistan, they want Gitmo closed they want the Bush surveillance gone. Those over 45 think the data collection is OK as long as ethical people keep the data.

People  55+       Majority trusts the government
People 45-55     Majority Skeptical but want to trust government 
People 35- 45    Majority Skeptical 
People 20-35     Majority thinks government lies, is corrupt, staffed by clueless low tech & disorganized bureaucrats 

The last mentioned demographic is also FREE MARKET. Arthur Brooks AEI needs to pounce!
FYI-They want government healthcare (Canadian type) but one that the employer pays for supplemental insurance.  This generation is SMART and tech savvy they do NOT  trust the mainstream media. The do believe in climate change. 

Here's the deal… I've been talking about the issues of TRUST in Government with random people since the Snowden leak.  I was told the "next generation" is gonna have to clean up from the problems the CIA has created.  The CIA has lost the propaganda war … still their trying to "cling" to their lies. This "old school" thinking is gonna hurt America's image.  Recently I talked to educated white upper middle class white men who said they do NOT trust the GOP they said America can't keep bailing out the companies of friends of congress..  Here's more data.   I see "one" in for the GOP and that's sincere well thought out free market solutions that have a "safety net"…THAT will save the GOP. If you keep talking about healthcare and offer NO safety net - your getting no where.  A 40ish middle class white male (makes about 80k) he told me he's an independent voter - said the tweaks in Obamacare will get worked out… he personally did not like it at first but says "it's a start"… NOBODY wants to take a step backward.