Rudy Giuliani is SMART & KNOWS That Chris Christie NEVER Would have "RAMBLED" for Over an Hour Had He KNOWN…. He's Proven He's HUMAN.

Al Cardenas is Chris Christie gonna be at CPAC this year?   

Karl Rove & Ed Gillespie Maybe it just shows HOW PATHETIC other GOP options are?

My polling of Purple People shows that Chris Christie is STILL the Best Choice to WIN in 2016. 

FYI- I learned HOW to conduct demographic research by the BEST & did the research used to "restore" the image of Oliver North.  That man still owes me a THANK YOU!!!   He can do that at CPAC - I hope Adrienne Royer puts out the "What not to wear" article BEFORE I pack.  Odds are again I'll be a GOP Fashion Don't:(:(

I was told Bridget Kelly was "In over her head"…. I think she was PUSHED into stupidity by others.. wanna know who?   Anyway she took the hit and never deserved to be there … sometimes MATURITY matters.  Politicians need to STOP hiring "young punks"… Bridged Kelly is not a punk.. BUT some BOYS in the GOP are…Time to hire Chief of Staffs with some gray hair.. or women that dye their hair to avoid it.  Coloring ones hair is the ONLY cover ups that are politically acceptable.