Former President Ford Told Me When We Had Tacos Together Backstage of the 1992 RNC Convention (I Was Told I Could Ask Him Anything EXCEPT for the Kennedy Thing) He Said to ALWAYS KNOW WHOSE CONTROLLING THE BALL.... During an Internal Battle of Control (Like the One in the IC?) It's NOT Easy Knowing Whose Ahead.. The Secrecy Driven Establishment or the Idealist Transparency Snowden Allies- At Least I Can Have a Sense of Humor During This Battle: I Can Be Like the Untied Nations an Independent Observer - Although Secretly I Want the Transparency Team to Win...I Want the Government to Tell the Truth... a Few Years Ago Mark Silverman the Ex Gannett Editor & Ben Bradlee Winner Said the Lockerbie Story is the "Sexyist One I've Got"... I Thought Silverman's Comment Was "Heartless" A Bunch of People DIED in the Lockerbie Bombing BUT I've Learned He Made the Heartless Comment Because to Become a Success in Journalism in the Last Generation A Person Had to be a "Go Along to Get Along" Type - Sadly That is What Became the Standard of the Mainstream Media Once the CIA Backed Shareholders Controlled BOTH Print and TV... Sadly for them Al Gore Invented the Internet.... Message for Mr. Gore.... I Regret Thinking the Opportunity to Date You in 2010 Was a Joke,,, I Love Smart Men and This Internet Thing is FANTASTIC.... Anyway Hope Your Happy with the Liberal :):) Maybe I'll Meet Someone at CPAC?

Here's me at the 1988 RNC convention the wife of an Air America pilot gave me the tape... I was on ABC news

To the known must remain unknown people that have quietly supported me & hate me cause I'm dovish... THANK YOU!

Many Republicans are on Snowden's Side.... The research shows
supporting transparency is bipartisan

The Lockerbie Bomging Stuff was Declassified by the DIA....
I was told by a DOD PA what I know is OK to talk about