Ed Gillespie & Karl Rove YOU Need to Tell Reince Priebus the GOP Has an Opening to Take the Lead: Hillary Clinton Needs to Take a Stand on the Snowden Issue- If She's SERIOUSLY Running for President. Rand Paul is Gaining Support from Millinials Because He Supports Snowden 4 NSA Leaks... His Dad Wants

This issue that "this" Voice of a Moderate is the Government keeps saying Edward Snowden gave 'secrets' to Russia & China BUT will not say "what" they are.... Heck if he really did do that then the enemy has them so declassify them...  

I was told by an IC source in October that Snowden did NOT have access to sensitive military information... this person was NOT concerned... something does NOT make sense... Can someone clear it up... The people that tell me Snowden is a Traitor won't tell me WHY... I can see the Leaker argument because he downloaded stuff ...  still that's not espionage - & what he did created a dialogue that our country needed. I've told my Military Industrial connected friends to "put up or shut up".... One guy said he's worried his business will suffer if America downsizes the DOD spending... That man is sincere... he's already had to sell one of his boats... the guy is down to 2.  If the government becomes more transparent he might lose one of his vacation homes....  Ouch!!!

What would a Rand Paul vs. Hillary Clinton presidential campaign

The Week Magazine-Mar 14, 2014
en. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) recently won his second consecutive presidential straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Now, CPAC ...

Rand Paul Can Beat Hillary Clinton
Newsmax.com-Mar 13, 2014

Hillary Clinton goes mum on NSA, skirts surveillance fight

Politico-Feb 17, 2014
Last September, Hillary Clinton strode to a podium in Philadelphia to... Paul, who has taken a staunchly libertarian stand against theNSA ...

Please notice that I (Sharyn Bovat) predicted "this" on March 12
Yes-I'm bragging:):) 

Voice of a GOP Moderate


4 days ago - Also the Voice of a Moderate is Changing......Just Like the Nations Demographics ....To Become MORE Mainstream BUT Before It Does ...

Actually March 8th BUT publicly blogged it on the 12th.   In the 80's I learned polling techniques & helped collect data used to restore the image of Oliver North.  In the 80's I did research used for President Reagan's immigration reform- LOTS of people at CPAC said the worst part of the Reagan legacy is his immigration reform... which by the way needs to be reformed again.  The fact is the "dreamers" are a real problem and they are real people.  It's my hope that the RNC will ask researchers that "understand the past" to help make the future for America better.  

Edward Snowden Gets Clemency Petition From Ron Paul

Guardian Liberty Voice-Feb 16, 2014
edward snowden Ron Paul, former United States senator, has started a petition to grant clemency to Edward Snowden who has been charged ...