Voice of a Moderate to Discuss Snowden (NON Classified Issues) on the American Maverick Show LIVE at CPAC Next Friday - Also the Debate Between Mark Zaid & Jesselyn Radack - Thomas Drake Clarified the Issue of Whistleblowers Losing Their Constitutional Rights & People in Both Political Parties Should Be Aware that Equal Protection to the Law is For ALL People Not Just the "in" Crowd.


The event sponsored by Georgetown Law & Journal of National Law & Policy

Viewers I think FINALLY I "get" the Edward Snowden issue-When you watch this from a "non" mobile device you'll see my comments I'm talked to many high level National Security lawyers & contractors about this issue.  

The 2nd video has had about 500 views and has been debated by top whistleblowers & their lawyers


National Security & IC community watch & tell me you think I'm wrong 
FYI- I'll be on the American Maverick talk Radio show next Friday LIVE from CPAC....   

The issue about MetaData collection is complicated but simply stated the law was passed and member of Congress either did not understand it OR they were not informed. Since MOST of America just gets "snip its" (like this) on the Snowden issue I want to clarify it when the opportunity arises.  

NOW that America know about it what do we do?   

The solution might be boring BUT the dialogue is important. This issue is NOT partisan it's an American issue.