Ex Karl Rove Operative Trained OpResearcher Strikes Again This Time in the Texas AG Race- Sorry Ken Paxton YOU Got BUSTED!!! Web Stats Show Buck Revell Endorsement Led to YOUR Demise... Still It Ain't Over Yet!!! Hey Tennessee LOSERS Deana Hood and Aaron Conklin YOU Should Call Ken Paxton in Texas - He's Probably Gonna Lose the Attorney General Race Cause the Mainstream Media Is Reporting that He's Corrupt. Ouch! Another Good Ole Boy is Gonna Bite the Dust! Humanity Might Happen!! Thank you Texas & Tennessee

  1. Chron.com (blog) ‎- 10 hours ago
    It looks like voters are finally taking a good look at Attorney General candidate Ken Paxton and aren't liking what they see. As I said earlier:.

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  2. Austin American-Statesman‎ - 1 day ago