***UPDATE*** Ex Karl Rove Trained Opposition Research Says a Rand Paul ~ General Petraeus BEST 2016 Ticket for GOP

Present for Uncle Rupert- I tested out the Paul-Petreaus 2016 ticket & it's a winner!

Here's my NOVEMBER 2012 post wanting Kelly prime time & I was RIGHT!!  FYI- I know Rupert reads my blogs... I've got web stats:):)   

Fox I've got an issue that will "Get" the moderate voters inspired to watch Fox and it's also bashing the Obama Administration....  This should be a "no brainer"... it's about WHISTLEBLOWERS (keep reading the issue of John Kiriakou is below)

GOP ELITE: I was CORRECT when in 2012 I  said to put Megyn Kelly "prime time"  in fact I KNEW ratings would skyrocket - Megyn says a lot of whacky stuff that make moderates "cringe" but she's likable....& I knew that the "mommy of Thatcher" would be an anchor BLOCKBUSTER  - Once again Sean Hannity whose has too many "toxic" guests and his demeanor is truly hostile against political moderates and his show is STALE!  



Drudge reported Kelly would get 9pm spot in August 2013''''

  1. Megyn Kelly Getting Sean Hannity's 9 PM Slot: Drudge Report


    Aug 8, 2013 - When Fox News announced that Megyn Kelly was going to be moving from ... Megyn Kelly Getting Sean Hannity's 9 PM Slot: Drudge Report .... Megyn KellyWill Take Over Fox's 9PM Primetime Slot, According To Drudge ...

PLEASE listen when I say that the image of the GOP is hurt when you keep parading the NeoFringe on TV.  Americans are tired of paying for war and our troops that served 3-5 tours in the Middle East need attention focused on HOW they'll be taken care of in the future.   

Uncle Rupert's people know my opinions are grade A... (fyi I call Rupert Murdoch and Shedon Adelson Uncle cause years ago I was told I was a "member" of the "family"  & after I was outed by NISSAN for being a former researcher for CIA operatives "my GOP family" welcomed me back...kindof like the prodigal son biblical story... I really enjoyed the Journey concert at the RNC family reunion:):)   


Anyway... I'm BACK and even though I'm "outing" Howard Baker allies for "sleazy"deals I want it know that President Reagan did NOT know about Iran Contra to the extent he should have. When NISSAN "outed me" for my CIA past  because they were committing fraud - (above is a picture of my grandfather in 1944 Naval Intelligence & also one of my mom who is probably one of the greatest spies America ever had... In 2011 after I was terrorized by Obama allies after I whistle blew about fraud and that a foreign company was taking US taxpayer money and they fueled the Iranian economy my mom hid a packet of docs that show 3 generations of my family "served" America for the CIA... I NOW have it!!!

I know 100% that President Reagan was NOT briefed properly in reference to Iran Contra. 
Nancy knew that years ago. Years ago I did the research used to restore Oliver North's image after he was "witch hunted" by congress.  I tested the concept of "just doing what he was told" & Average America accepted it Then others implemented the message.  Today Oliver North is a hero and I'm OK with that cause - he really was "just" doing what he was told. I want to vindicate President Reagan for I know the element that lied to him is still controlling parts of the government & to get America healthy "that" needs to stop.  

Uncle Rupert had a guy speak to me about Chris Christie & I relayed 100% he's TOAST. 
I told him I liked Rand Paul.... a few months later... Uncle Rupert went to the derby:):)

It's so refreshing to see Fox News welcoming Jesselyn Radack and Thomas drake and actually showing on "prime time" that John Kiriakou is unfairly treated...
the  "whistleblower" crowd needs an ally & for Fox to disclose the "unfairness" in the use of the Espionage act... it makes that network appear MORE "Fair and Balanced"... ya'll still have a long way to go... maybe if you don't "can" Hannity you'll make the Kiriakou/Afghan CIA chief story one that he gnaws on like a favorite "chew toy"...  If he did that FOX would look like the "transparent" network.... win~win:):) 

Watch Jesselyn Radack on Fox News (She's one of Snowden's lawyers too).


Uncle Rupert I want the Lockerbie Truth Told.... I KNOW You Can "Make it Happen!!!

It's better for Ed Gillespie and he Senate race to have it exposed NOW... people will forget he profited from the cover up during the summer... Sir - it's gonna happen (the truth) lets just "do it"...

Thank and have a great day!