Karl Rove Operative Trained Opposition Researcher Takes Credit for Loss of Tennessee Judicial Candidate Deana Hood: Sharyn Bovat Says Getting Deana's Supporter Troy Burns on Tape Saying "N" Word Than Posting Candidate Thanking Troy for His Support Did the Trick. " Most Republicans Don't Like Racists and THIS Victory for Hood's Opponent Shows That....Granted I Don't Really Know Who Deana Hood's Opponent Is"

    DEANA HOOD LOST & people told me it's cause I did a great job:):)   
    ***For the record it takes TEAMWORK and to the people that "fed me" the information THANK YOU!  America will be better cause people care about humanity!***

  1. This is the 2nd time Sharyn Bovat has used creative ways to expose 

    candidates she believes to be "against the grain" when it comes to protecting the constitution: Sharyn is a  moderate republican who "sometimes" votes the other side- She wants what's best for the country.    

    Deana Hood for Judge --- NOT


    Apr 8, 2014 - Deana Hood has been emailed and asked to explain if any of Sharyn ... Listen to a Deana Hood SUPPORTER he uses the "N" word & Troy ...
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    1. Here's the audio of Deana Hoods Supporter using "N" word...

      Denise Andre wins close race in Williamson County

      The Tennessean-16 hours ago
      Andre beat Deanna Hood with 52.3 percent of the vote. ... Williamson County voters chose to retain six incumbent judges, picked one new one, ...