Aei, CATO, Heritage, & ALL GOP Organizations & PAC's IF I Were You I'd Put Flint Engleman the Host of the American Maverick Show on My VIP List..... Research Show He's One of Heads of the BRAT PACK Lot of Good People Worked in Virginia to Make Cantor Lose... Flint Was A Great Advocate & Communicator of Change :):) AFP Looks to Be Driving GOP Change... to Flint Engleman THANK YOU!!!

The  American Maverick Show...  Virginia's TRUE Conservative Talk Show: I'm a moderate & like the American  Maverick show on Red State Radio - Blog Talk cause the host Flint Engleman listens to ALL sides.  
I'm sure he does not agree with me on social issues BUT we agree on education, fiscal responsibility, need to restore  the Constitution, & having a strong military that's respected by Congress. 

 * Flint Engleman had "no clue" that I was asked to help with VA07-  Flint did help me indirectly by his blogging he showed me "that" Virginia was ready for change & any effort I did would "matter"...   I then helped the guys that served by using my weapon & that's "pulse checks" - figuring out WHAT issues matter to voters.  

sharyn bovat: nissan whistleblower - Blog Talk Radio

BlogTalkRadio - ‎The American Maverick Show
Jul 30, 2012 - If you liked this show, you can follow The American Maverick Show. ... host Flint Engleman as we welcome famed whistleblower Sharyn Bovat.