Karl Rove & Reince Priebus Is ANYONE Surprised About Haley Barbour's "Tar Baby" Comment... I'm ONLY Surprised that "That Many" Big Donors Still Listen to the BIG FART... Haley Barbour is a Poster Child for GOP Racism & So is Henry Barbour & their What's Giving the GOP a Bad Name.

Politico-6 hours ago

Haley Barbour
 called President Barack Obama's policies “tar babies” ... According to a person on the call, Barbour was noting how rare it is for ...
Haley Barbour apologizes for using term tar babies
Jackson Clarion Ledger-2 hours ago

I give Haley Barbour credit for the quick apology.  The guy is a racist Good Ole Boy but he's smart & the black community loves (or tolerates him) cause he'll vote for govt funded programs that keep minority groups muzzled & oppressed. Heck the Mississippi black community took PAC money to vote for Thad Cochran in the MS primary. The MSM was silent. I used to work for Henry Barbour & I have pictures of a black guy he paid to follow him around.  That's how the Good Ole Boys operate.  Henry told me when I questioned him the guy was to NOT work only be there... he said if he did anything he'd mess it up.  I blame the man that allowed to be a "cover" for Henry Barbour as much as I blame Henry for being a racist.  When I saw that Reince Priebus put  Henry on the GOP diversity team I knew what would happen.  The GOP would pay blacks to be black.  I've been told that YES!  I'm right.  Those born not white working in the RNC today are "hand picked" for their color or religion and for their silence.  The politics in Mississippi is beyond disgusting as in the politics in the GOP  and America will continue to be a racist nation when Blacks and Whites continue to respect & take the money of those connected to Haley Barbour allies & their GOP crony allies.  Oddly the US Chamber is now a backer of Hilary Clinton. I was told that she's NOW a member of the Good Ole Boy network... guess we gotta change the name.


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