James Comey Tell the FBI All Roads Lead to Howard Baker and the Deals Done to Get a Republican Elected in 1980 ( Deals Done in 1979 and I Think Howard Baker Did It So HE Could Be President?) Also During Iran Contra & the Lockerbie Cover Up.. I Did Send Bilderberg and Email Asking For Help..Too.Please FBI "IF" Your Really Investigating Get Tom Ingram to "Cut a Deal"... Bill Lacy Will Know Too... OMG!!! They Know About the Murder of Sonny Bono and Margaret Lesher..Ask Them ... PLEASE... Mike Dorris What the **** are YOU Doing to Help Me... Tell Stratfor I'm Serious I Want a Job and Health Insurance. Please It's NOT Easy Being a Whistleblower and I Need a Lawyer to Help Me... One That I TRUST....

 I learned at an all day conference that something BIG was being done and that the IRS would punish those that abused me... It was a conference of Treasury & State Dept lawyers on sanctions. I was told to expose the people that profit illegally... Later I learned the Tennessee Governor BESIDES NISSAN were involved.
Also the Tisch family and others linked to Howard Baker & the NFL .... no surprises since Howard Baker linked to the "deal" cut so Reagan could be president..BUT the truth is the "deal" was done so Howard Baker could be President in 1980"  luckily the voters in Iowa and New Hampture did not like him:):)

 Oops was that classified.  I already told a US Attorney my family that was connected to World Airways was part of the "Get Rid of Carter" 1979 deal... Hostages were held for 444 days... Just ask Jim Haslam (Senior- Jimmy and Billy Haslam will know too)...

In 1979 I was around people that knew about the "deal" including  Ed Heering (close friend of Ed Daly the owner of World Airways) they were was part of the Khomeini deal cause Jimmy Carter fired a lot of CIA and canceled a LOT of World Airways contracts.   The "deal" was made for Iran (Khomeini to keep the hostages so CIA/MIC vendors would get contracts from the new President.  World Airways got the deal to run guns for Cyclone.   .. Ed Heering onetime screamed at my mom... My dad Larry Bovat was the Teamster rep for the pilots during the "ugliest strike in aviation history.  In November 1979 my mom went to China for a Democracy trip as part of an All female delegation & during that time while not in strike negotiations my dad told me he could NOT look at me cause I had the "face of management"... later i learned I was conceived while my dad was in Laos doing covert CIA stuff and I'm probably Ed Daly's bio kid. It's complicated - BUT I clearly remember Ed Heering telling (yelling) at my mom "the pilots will get more money (hours) once the republicans are in charge".....he did NOT say WHO...  maybe the sleazy drug trafficking CIA linked vendors that cut unethical deals with Khomeini wanted Howard Baker to be the 1980 nominee?  The Haslam family has been buying Iranian oil illegally via Mike Loya - whose daddy had coffee with me before he died and told me stories of Pancho Villa (?) and said my mom was "hot"....  

Google Mike Loya Vitol  (he's the President of a 300 BILLION dollar energy broker- he skirts Iranian sanctions just like BNP Pariabas -- you'll see my picture.... huh.

BNP Paribas faces fine of more than $10bn in US sanctions ...

The Guardian-21 hours ago
BNP Paribas, France's biggest bank, is reported to be facing a fine of ... to settle allegations that it violated US sanctions against Iran and other ...

Justice Dept. Seeks More Than $10 Billion Penalty From BNP Paribas
-Wall Street Journal-May 30, 2014


Baker Donelson & NISSAN spent over 1 million on lawyers to discredit me as a whistleblower & to read my blogs... there has to be a reason WHY?

Howard Baker served in the United States Navy from 1943 to 1946 - Wow so did my grandfather here's his pic in 1944 when he did Naval Intelligence- Bill Lacy was White House communications while Iran Contra was happening and Howard Baker was Chief of Staff

Below from WIKI
 Baker was frequently mentioned by insiders as a possible nominee for Vice President of the United States on a ticket headed by incumbent President Gerald Ford in 1976 and, according to many sources, was a front-runner for this post. Ford, however, in a surprising move, chose Kansas Senator Bob Dole. (close to Bill Lacy).  Baker ran for U.S. President in 1980, dropping out of the race for the GOP nomination after losing the Iowa caucuses toGeorge H.W. Bush and the New Hampshire primary to Ronald Reagan, even though a Gallup poll had him in second place in the presidential race at eighteen percent behind Reagan at 41 percent as late as November 1979. 

I'm still connecting the dots....  

Howard Baker Helped Arm Bin Ladin.... He'll Know about 9-11 issues... Just like Carlos Ghosn of NISSAN 

BNP’s efforts to get around the sanctions was irresponsible and could have caused the entire international effort to collapse. They deserve to pay dearly, as do other banks and businesses that have tried to profit off the sanctions.