James Comey Tell the FBI the DOD Whistleblower Has Asked Saudi, Israel, & Egypt to Help Her Get RESPECT in Washington DC... Also Told People That Beat Up Medea Benjamin to Apologize.

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From: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@icloud.com>
Subject: DOD Whistleblower Reaches Out to Saudi, Israel & Egypt Because They SPIED on Her & She Wants RESPECT! Sharyn Bovat KNOWS Medea Benjamin "Beaten in Egypt" to Send Message to Anti War Protesters & it BACKFIRED... Recently Told That Rogue Linked to a MIC/CIA Clique Helped create the "Airport Drama" & ALL Involved Should Apologize. In a Democracy Protesting is Patriotic! 
Date: June 30, 2014 at 11:03:38 AM CDT
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Cc: medea@codepink.org, Michael Dorris <michael.dorris@credit-suisse.com>, daniepm5@ucia.gov, Mark Silverman <4msilverman@gmail.com>


My name is Sharyn Bovat  SharynBovat.com 

Can Saudi, Egypt & israel help me get RESPECT in Wahsington DC?  … I’ve talked to a lot of powerful people but due to the “internal battle of control” being fueled by the MIC/CIA clique it’s difficult to get help. FYI ihave proof operatives from Saudi, Egypt & Israel have spied on me for YEARS & I’m tired of it.  I’ve seemed help from 3 different IGO’s and America is suffering from an IC “Internal Battle of Control”… I want RESOLUTION and If I have to create World Peace to make it happen then OK… I’ve already go IRAN on board…. (got your attention).

Soon the American voters will have had ENOUGH of the Middle East and willingly put solar panel EVERYWHERE just to be rid of the childish “war toy” gamesA coalition of liberals and conservatives has been created and when Eric Cantor went “bye bye” so the chances of the MIC/CIA dominating the US agenda for another generation.   America is SICK of War & I’m the child of a HAWK who believes that the USA needs a strong military cause we “pissed a lot of people off”  America needs great weapons and i pray to god that they will NEVER be used - sure the money should be spend on education & the poor BUT the CIA has harmed us so much by playing games with little nations  now those nations are aligned with PUTIN we have to keep spending $$$ on war toys  Still other countries make nukes so we can’t be “pansies”…  Ironically ANYMORE needless wars in the Mid East puts USA National Security at risk cause in just a few years ALL FUNDING could be stopped cause in America we have a “constitution” and if things don’t change in the Middle East then NO MORE $$$.      Israel I support you BUT you’ve become a bully… start some “serious” negotiation please:):)

The CIA has “blacklisted” me cause I’m ETHICAL - FYI my grandfather was Naval Intel in 1944 and he helped the CIA when it was a “start up”…. LOTS of people respect my family and I’m proud of who I am… still some relatives got into some “mischief” with CIA drug trafficking and the Lockerbie cover up.  I’m writing you today call ALL I want is a job with health insurance & to NOT life in fear. 

Sharyn Bovat