Lift Cuba Embargo - Why Let Putin Deal with Our Neighbor? Craig Stamm Have Stratfor Hire Me to Help America Create a Peace Deal with The Terrorist of the Caribbean - I'm Ready to "Take On" Cuba:):)

Miami exiles pressure US to loosen policy on Cuba

Reuters-Jun 17, 2014
MIAMI (Reuters) - Cuban exile Joe Arriola at one time would never have dreamed of returning to his homeland while it was under communist ...
Most Cuban-Americans Support US Relations with Cuba
-Prensa Latina-Jun 17, 2014

Let FREE MARKETS Happen.....   
Even Glenn Beck Says we "can't" Force Democracy on countries

These people are NOT terrorist!!!

John Kerry hire me to create peace with TERRORIST cuba?  since they're on the watch list along with IRAN and Sudan I would "hope" I'd get extra pay?

I need a vacation & think I could negotiate a "deal" in-between snorkeling adventures and naps on the beach....   Heck maybe I'll see some professional baseball players:):)

A Canadian confirmed with me they do NOT the embargo ended cause they fear the Americans will drive up the cost of their vacations. 

These People are NOT terrorist - the Embargo is RETARDED