***UPDATE*** Mississippi Voters A Vote for Chris McDaniel is a Vote Saying NO to Cronyism & Corruption: Please Tell Haley Barbour to Retire and 'Just Say NO' to Thad Cochran - 2015 Recession This "Will" Happen was Created By Haley Barbour Allies That Abused BOND Debt.... They "Took Advantage" of the 2010 Stimulus That Was SUPPOSED to Create Jobs... Average Cost PER Job Created is about 2 Million Each.. Average Salary for Each Job 30k - Sadly 40% of The Jobs Were TEMP!!!

Karl Rove I Told Ya- 

Senate Race a Referendum that Mississippi Hates Haley Barbour... also America HATES Haley Barbour!!!!

The GOP needs to RESPECT all People!!!     A California raised moderate united with the somewhat extremist Tea Party & look at what happened:):)  
 GAME ON Good Ole Boys 
lets end cronyism.....

Cochran McDaniel in nailbiter in Mississippi

Politico-by Alexander Burns-2 hours ago
The Mississippi race, pitting Cochran against conservative state Sen.Chris McDaniel, loomed large over a night of nomination fights spanning ...
Who's Chris McDaniel? Who Cares?
American Spectator-2 hours ago
Thad Cochran's luck may be about to run out
-Washington Post (blog)-3 hours ago

there were NOT 21 articles... please see full Google search results...
The mainstream media NEVER picked up this story and Haley Barbour "still" looks like the GOP "stealth" leader... Haley Barbour is involved with a LOT of cronyism and corruption and Gannett NEVER reports it.   I can prove that Gannett editors were "in bed" with Haley Barbour... oddly the same time they were sleeping with me 

  1. DC Pillow Talk - Voice of a Moderate


    Bovat says high level Gannett executives failed to cover issues to protect BIG BUSINESS and promoted ... Why did the Washington Times want Mark Silverman ?
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A McDaniel win on Tuesday — an election night featuring an sprawling, eight-state slate of primaries — would give the outside groups that have backed him their biggest scalp of 2014. A Cochran win would basically guarantee that this is the first election year since 2008 in which no Republican senator goes down in a primary. Polls show the race to be neck and neck

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/06/primary-night-the-7-key-questions-107343.html#ixzz33ahf3rr8

Haley Barbour: Tea party distorting Mississippi senate race

Washington Times-5 hours ago
Haley Barbour, who served as national GOP chairman before serving two terms as governor of Mississippi, told The Washington Times that tea ...
5 primaries worth watching on Tuesday
-CNN-2 hours ago
Primary day: The 7 key questions

Thank Haley Barbour and Thad Cochran for the Next Recession.... It was there Wall Street Donor that created it... It will happen in 2015

FYI- to my new readers I come from a CIA family and "spoiler alert"  it was a CIA/MIC clique that whacked Kennedy.  My grandfather was ONLY involved with the cover up

The Good News for MISSISSIPPI is your NOT Tennessee:):)  

MS your new governor is ethical~Thank you Jesus!