***UPDATE*** Voice of a Moderate Tells Thad Cochran Staffers WHY He'll Lose Tomorrow BLAMES Haley Barbour - Sharyn Bovat Says Henry Barbour is a Racist Too and The Barbour Family Has a Legacy of Supporting Candidates That Oppress Blacks and Cronyism is Gonna Be Cochran's Political Demise


Well I'm not the 1st Karl Rove trained operative to "get it wrong" on election night:):)   

Guess Haley Barbour owns Mississippi.... 

Now I can "still" fear for my life when traveling to the south.... Ugh!!!         


                                                                              Group that funds 

Thad Cochran has NO Blacks in National Leadership.... Why?

this research of the Chamber was done 3 months ago and sent to the US Chamber for verification

Vote Thad Out 

Haley Barbour is the Godfather of GOP Cronyism and Bullying and by voting "out" Thad Cochran your sending a message to DC to "Clean Up America"....   Chris McDaniel supporters have told me they will RESPECT the rights of ALL People.... & I've never heard anything about Chris doing anything with an "animal".... omg!  this campaign gets WEIRDER:):)

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@icloud.com>
Subject: Thad Cochran Loss will Be Referndum against Haley & Henry Barbour Mississippi sick of Cronyism 
Date: June 23, 2014 at 4:16:27 PM EDT
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Above is video includes audio of my telling Thad Cochran staffers WHY their boss would lose tomorrow - I do not think I was rude I confronted them with the truth - the 2 young ladies were very nice and let me talk. Tomorrow the people of Mississippi will be saying they want the Good Ole Boy network led by the Barbour family GONE the fact is Thad Cochran is a decent human being that's associated with a corrupt group that society wants done & so is Lamar Alexander.
Americans are sick of debt & war. If I'm wrong about Cochran I'll buy drinks for US Chamber staffers on Wednesday my # below. if I'm right about Thad Cochran I would hope ya'll will help me find a lawyer and for me to get resolution. - how much do you people want me to blog about? Don't worry I know NOTHING about the Hindenburg.

I'm looking for a full time job - maybe the chamber need to op researchers? God and everyone else knows they need to clean house.

FYI I broke new BNP Paribas story and tweeted the WSJ- just sent Rupert Murdoch email about job too... "4" NFL owners have profited illegally from Khomeini and if the NFL elite wants to keep their "tax status" those guilty should sell their teams.  That's a suggestion....


Sharyn Bovat